Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Running in the rain.....

Alki Beach has one of the best running routes in the city. Not only is it over 5 miles (depending on where you start) but it is off the main road, includes a running AND biking path, and is about 95% lit along the route. For all of these reasons, I decided to go running last night.

I knew it would get cold, so I wore my new black running shirt from Island Sports (thanks LJ!), long leggings, mittens and my new LuluLemon headband. (PS, headband is now on sale!) I was warm for the entire run, even through the sleet, rain and snow that I ran through:

At the old Luna Park Viewpoint w/Seattle in the background

Next time I might not wear only black. I love the headband and tech shirt though. Both items were "wicking" and kept me warm AND dry in the weather. Maybe Ill go again tomorrow!

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