Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Product Review Time!!

Taking a break from running yesterday....still really sore from the Koko Crater hike. No sense in injuring myself a week out from the Whidbey Half! Over the weekend I took a trip to Sports Authority in Downtown Honolulu and it was awesome. I don't believe I have been to a SA before, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide selection of gear for running and working out. Not only was there a variety of shoes, but they also were WELL stocked in some of my favorite brands (Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Champion, etc). Even better was that SA had a ton in both Men's, Women's and Kids wear. Here are a few goodies I picked up:

Nike Pro Women's Sports Bras  ($28)


No matter what your workout, whenever you're working up a sweat the Nike Pro Women's Training Bra gives you a dynamic essential with a revised body shape for outstanding support along with technical seams and fabric for maximum performance comfort. 
  • Dri-FIT fabric to wick sweat away and help keep you dry and comfortable
  • Compression fit
  • Swoosh design trademark at center chest
  • Flat seam construction to help minimize chafing
  • Fabric: Dri-FIT 85% polyester/15% spandex
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
    Im not going to lie, I havent bought a new sportsbra in over 2 years. I always buy new tops, shoes, pants, etc, but I HATE buying sports bras. The last new one I bought (and then returned) zipped up the front and left me with a scar from where the zipper rubbed a hole in my skin. Not pretty, and no, Im not showing pics :)

    Anyways, these sports bras are awesome. The fabric is easy on your skin, and the elastic around the ribcage didnt seem to irritate me while running (and sweating, ew) in the heat. I will be SURE to pick up more of these in the future. Also, the colors are really cute!

    Under Armour Women's Catalyst T ($29.99)

    The Cornerstone of the UA Green Collection: Recycled Bottles Become Performance Fabrics.
    • Performance Fabrics made from Recycled Plastic Bottles.
    • Signature HeatGear® moisture transport system keeps you cool and dry.
    • Lightweight, durable high-gauge knit fabric provides maximum comfort against the skin.
    • Raglan sleeves elminate shoulder seam abrasion points.
    • ArmourBlock™ technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes.
    • UPF 50+ protects against the sun's harmful rays.
    • Semi-Fitted (fits closely, contoured to the body).
    • 100% Recycled Polyester (excluding trims).
    • Imported.

      I saw this shirt on the rack and knew I would love it immediately. Not only does it have a great fit (semi-fitted in medium works for me, and isnt tight) but the fabric is my favorite Heat Gear, which keeps me cool (and I wear through the winter if it isnt too cold).

      I also learned that UA Green on the tag means that they are recycled from old plastic bottles. So not only does it fit well but you can feel good about wearing it!

      Under Armour Tech Shortsleeved T ($19.99)

      Also shown are the Nike Hero Mesh Shorts ($25) and my review here

      The Essential Under Armour T.
      • Updated style and fit, with a Feminine crossover v-neck, and longer body length.
      • UA Tech™ fabric moves moisture away from your body keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable with a soft, cotton-like feel for total comfort.
      • Raglan sleeve construction allows for total mobility and a full range of motion, while eliminating shoulder seam abrasion points.
      • Moisture Transfer System keeps you Dry and Comfortable.
      • 95% Polyester/ 5% Elastane.
      • Imported

        This UA shirt is awesome too. Unlike the Catalyst T, this shirt feels more like a cotton blend than tech fabric. The fit is awesome (loose, but I still got a medium) and super comfortable. While running it wicked away the sweat and didnt ride up. Not going to lie, I love the grey and v-neck combo! I pretty much love everything UA!!

        Off to run tonight. The heat is much more bearable if you run near sunset or early in the morning (I prefer sunset or later). Hopefully the run will have a sunset like this:

        Trust me when I say that my iPhone doesn't do it justice :) 

        Monday I ran 2 on the dreadmill, then did another 3 in the neighborhood. My time was 5 miles in 53:31 minutes, but I didn't have to stop, which was a relief.  I was HORRIBLY sore from the Koko Crater hike on Sunday, and Im limping around today. Its amazing that I was fine and not sore at all after the half marathon, yet one hour long hike will do my legs in! Ill know to stay away from stair-climbers before any of the next races :)

         Happy running :)

        Monday, March 29, 2010

        Hawaiian Hikes

        After my disastrous run on Friday night in O'ahu, I went with my Dad to 24 Hour Fitness to workout quickly before dinner. Even though I had that awful run earlier that morning, I needed to boost my ego and show myself that I still can run over 2 miles at a time without passing out. I was planning on jogging a few miles, but I started out quick on the dreadmill and saw this:


        7:52?? A new mile PR!! Unofficial of course, but it counts to me! I wasn't even pushing it that hard, so I was extremely surprised when I saw it! (Note: I have never really tried to see how fast I could do a mile. For all I know I would probably go .2 then blow out my knee or pull a hammie. Ill stick with the real PRs for longer distances!) I also did another mile to round out the day at an even 7 miles. Not too bad considering the start earlier that day :)

        On Saturday and Sunday I went for a few hikes this weekend with my Dad and Step-Mom. I did end up running on Sunday, but giving myself a few days to TRY to adjust to the heat made a huge difference.

        Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail (3/27/10)
        Distance RT: 2.0 miles
        Elevation: about 500 ft.
        Time: 1:05

         View from the top of the lighthouse. Yep, the water is that color.....

        Makapu'u is a relatively easy hike up a paved path to an amazing outlook and view of their lighthouse. The hike is located on the Southern Windward side of the island, and is a nice hike for all ages because the path is paved all the way to the top. Along the way you can see views of the other Hawaiian Islands (Moloka'i) and whales! I saw a few spouting off in the distance on the way up.....maybe it was Willy....

        Just make sure you bring plenty of water and sunscreen. There is little shade and no places to get water on the path! Luckily we brought water, so I didn't feel dehydrated on the way up (a surprise to me). Also, the trade winds blow of the ocean, so there was a constant nice breeze.

        View from the top with Dad and Step-Mom

        Windward Oahu from lookout

        Love the color of the water! Turtles below....

        Koko Crater Trail (3/28/10)
        Distance RT: 1.13 miles
        Elevation: 1208 ft
        Time: 1:08:31

        After the easy Makapu'u hike yesterday, my Dad and I decided to hike Koko Crater (not to be confused with the smaller Koko Head or Diamond Head in Oahu). This hike is a trail that goes STRAIGHT up Koko Crater and relies on train slats to help you up the crater. This old track was from over 60 years ago when there was a military base at the top.

        This hike is STEEP. I mean, there are no switchbacks and you are in the direct sunlight the entire time. I saw one girl getting into a fight with her boyfriend and refused to hike any further. She was only about 1/5th of the way up....

        Train tracks help you up the crater

        I would have called this the "Stairway to Heaven" but there is apparently another hike with that name already. Just if you were wondering, there were 1048 slats on the way up (1208 ft gained in elevation). Some people were running up and down this thing. I think they have lost their mind!

        My Dad and I at the top

        The top of the crater had views of Hawaii Kai (South of Waikiki and Honolulu) and surrounding views of the South End of Oahu and Makapu'u. The camera was on the wrong setting, but it was a stunning view.

        At the top with Garmin. Hawaii Kai in the background

        On this hike I would recommend going early in the morning for the best views. Temperatures would also be lower and much easier to take. After all, there is no shade or place to stop on this hike. Be prepared to climb!! Its one HUGE stair-stepper!! Be sure to bring water as well and take your time to not get sick.

        On the way down

        Side note: If you are wondering, YES, I am completely sore today :( You use different muscles on Koko Crater than in half marathons.....

        Evening Run: 5.08 miles/ 50:30 (3/28/10)

        At this point I wasn't sore from the Koko Crater hike that morning. The temperature had lowered considerably since earlier in the day, so I knew it was either then or never to get my miles up for the week.

        I started running just at sundown around the neighborhood. I did roughly the same path as Friday, but with much better results. Basically, I didn't feel like I was going to die the entire time, and best of all, I didn't need to stop to suck air (!!) I ran at roughly a 10:00 mile pace, which is quite a bit slower than I run in WA state, but given the heat and the few days I have been here, Ill consider it a success.

        Happy running everyone, and thanks for the kind words you have posted in the past few days. It really means a lot :)

        Friday, March 26, 2010

        Aloha Oh Boy

        Wednesday recovery workout: 6 miles/61:00 minutes 

        On Wednesday I went for my first run since the Mercer Half last Sunday. Unlike the Seattle Half in November, I was barely sore the day after, and I felt that I could have run on Tuesday without injury. I decided to wait until Wednesday just to be sure....

        This was one of the first runs in a LONG time that I had to purposely slow down. I used my Garmin and stuck right around a 10:00 mile pace. I must have still been in race mode, because I kept trying to go faster than that. I even made myself stop at mile 4 and stretch, which I never do. Overall, it was a great post-half recovery run.

        Today - 5.07 miles/53:45 minutes

        Due to some unexpected circumstances, I ended up flying out to Oahu late last night. Not wanting to miss out on running, I put on my shoes this morning and went out around the neighborhood for a run.

        Hibiscus from the neighborhood

        After mentioning to my Dad and step-mom (who both live in Oahu) about my Half last weekend, I was eager to get out and run. Good thing they didn't run with me because this was the most difficult run I have had....EVER.

        I am the first to admit, I am a wimp when it comes to heat. Every time I go to somewhere warm, it takes me a few days to get used to the heat (if I ever do get used to it) and I'm usually nauseous most of the time out in the sun (note: this doesn't stop me from trying to get a burn tan though). I have run in Hawaii before, but I must have not noticed that I was sick because I was out of shape at the time. Anyways, for some reason I forgot about the heat and started running on a large hill, in the direct sunlight, while it was humid....

        BAD IDEA.

        I realized that I was draining of energy and turned up a road that was less steep and started a few switch-backs. After about 1.75 miles I had to stop and take a breather. I havent had to stop while running in the past YEAR. Yeah, this isnt something that I was used to. 

        I caught my breath and made it about another .75 and had to stop again. This continued every half a mile until I finished 5 miles. I was pooped (haha). I laid down for awhile afterwards but after eating I was only slightly nauseous the rest of the day. Im hoping the next few days will get easier, but my confidence was seriously knocked down a few notches after that run!

        I have SO much respect for people who run in ANY kind of heat or humidity! I guess my strength would be running in the cold or rain :)
        It felt more like 90 degrees with 100% humidity

        Ill leave you with this palm shot.....much better than a shot of me sucking air!

        Maybe Ill try running at night or indoors for the next few days. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

        Thursday, March 25, 2010

        Mercer Half Marathon Recap

        Location: Mercer Island, WA
        Official time: NA
        Chip time: 2:01:20
        Garmin time: 2:01:30
        Pace/mile: 9:16/mile

        Overall: 1211/2137
        Gender Place:  443/1060
        Age Place: 100/214

        Woo hoo! Mercer Island Half Marathon COMPLETED! It feels great to have 2 half marathons under my belt! There was a delay in writing this due to crazy times and not being able to figure out how to view my pace per mile with the Garmin. Besides that, it worked great! But back to the beginning of the race.

        Little Bro and I awoke early to get ready and head over to Mercer Island. I had a solid protein filled meal the night before (chop salad then a protein bar) and half a Builders Bar about an hour and a half before the race. Noticing that it could rain that day, I put on my standard black capri pants and favorite Under Armour teal shirt. I also used the Body Glide that I just received in the mail, hoping that it would work (and it did!!). I was a bit grumpy, but I think it was just pre-race nerves.

        We arrived on Mercer with no traffic at all! I was pretty surprised. Mercer is a small island and the off-ramp shoots you right into the main town where the start is. We were able to park a few blocks away and walk to the start. My Mom, boyfriend JJ and my rat-cow Chloe were there to cheer us on from the start! I looked around for my blogging buddies, but I wasn't able to recognize anyone.

         Awesome pic from the start. Could that be me in the teal?? :)

        Little Bro and I waiting for the gun start  

        While waiting in line, I realized that I needed to start my Garmin.....I pushed start and it just added on to my run from a few days before! Ahhh, I had no idea how to start a new workout! Luckily the guy next to me also had a 305 and reset the thing. I would have been SO bummed if I didn't get it working! I fiddled with it some more and accidentally reset the setting to show calories burned and not average pace. I just kept it on this because the gun went off! Luckily I could see my total time though through the race.

        I had told Little Bro to run his own pace, so we were separated from the start. Although this was a smaller race, it was still crowded on the course since the race was not officially closed off to the public. They had half the road closed off but there were still cars on the other side. The first mile was along the highway and had rolling hills, but not so bad.

        Miles 2-5 consisted of switchbacks through the forest and residential areas, and slight rolling hills again. It honestly reminded me of snowboarding on the backside of Stevens Pass, WA because the road had trees on each side and was quite curvy. The road also sloped from left to right on each turn, which funneled the people onto one side. (For all of you non-snowboarders, it was similar to a snowboarding cross route, if that makes sense!)

        I did notice a familiar tall ponytail FLY by me around mile 3. I was about to yell "Tall Mom!" but I wasn't 100% sure it was her, and I had never officially met her by that point. I didn't want to interrupt her run and have her think I was a crazy person, so I just kept on running (I later found out it was Tall Mom!)

        The end of mile 5 was a huge downhill, and I took my first Vanilla GU around the start of Mile 6. I loved the taste of the Vanilla, and the consistency. I also think that it actually gave me some energy this time! I ended up carrying the GU with me, holding it behind my iPhone. It was a bit warm, but I didn't mind carrying it.

        Miles 6-9 were somewhat of a blur, and consisted of a steady overall elevation gain (there were rolling hills, but we were slightly climbing). We had rounded the South end of Mercer and were heading back up to the North end. Luckily I was zoning out for these miles, and they really went by quite quickly. The road opened up and it had less switchbacks than the first part of the race. This is when I started to notice from my Garmin that I was running under my 9:00/mile pace. I knew that I was ahead of my sub-2 hour goal, but I didn't want to psych myself out.

        At mile 9 I took another GU, which seemed to help. Unfortunately, this is where the big hills started. Miles 10-11 were mostly downhill, but there were 2 major hills around mile 11 and 12. I mean, these hills seemed to go on FOREVER. Unlike the Seattle Half where the hills were solid then ended, these just kept coming! My pace slowed slightly, but I reached mile 12 and had 11 minutes to get to the finish. I could possibly get my sub 2!

        Yep, not happening......

        The last 2 miles really hurt my pace. Everyone was walking around me, but I kept on going. I even saw a guy pushing (YES, you heard me right!) PUSHING his lady-friend up the hill. I wanted to yell at them, but it was a waste of energy. I was proud that I was finishing strong, but I didnt have it in me to sprint the last .7 of the race (and the race finished after another slight hill, which was torture).

        Overall, I finished at 2:01:20, which is more than 15 minutes faster than my Seattle Half time. I beat my goal of that race, and my sub 10 minute miles. And I was oh-so-close to getting that elusive sub-2 half. I was a bit bummed at first, but really, I did better than I expected. I was thinking I would get around 2:07:00 for the race, so I really did beat my goal.

         Pictures JJ snapped of me at the finish. At least I didnt LOOK like I was dying :)

        Little Bro also had a great race and came in 30 seconds behind me at 2:01:50. Good job!! Im excited to run with you in the Whidbey Island Half in a few weeks! 

         JJ and I after the race

         Also, I finally "ran" into a few of you! (That was my attempt at a running joke!) It was fairly easy to spot our classy dumpsters :) Even though it was brief, it was great to finally meet Jill, Amanda, Mel, Zoe and Kerrie. Ive told my Little Bro about you guys, so he was excited to get to meet you all as well!

         Not sure what we were thinking for this one....

        Overall, it was a great race and everyone seemed to have an awesome race. I cant wait for the next one and to meet all of you again!
        First Image by C. Coleman via Mercer Island Reporter
        Benefits: Colon Cancer

        Tuesday, March 23, 2010

        St Pats Dash - Photobombed!

        I'm not sure where I read the word "photobombed" in the past few weeks, but it is seriously my new favorite word! I have been waiting to use it and the day has finally arrived!

        After searching (lets not discuss how long it took me) through the St Pats Dash photos I finally found the ones that I was in from the official site. I knew that I was in a few shots because I was with Little Bro and we specifically slowed down to get in the shot. Here is what I found:

        Ha, if you cant tell, that's me in the green shorts and gray leggings, with my face hidden!

        SERIOUSLY?? I slowed my pace and specifically got in the photogs way to get a shot of my color coordinate race outfit! GRR! You cant even see my face. I mean, just look at the pants on the guy who photobombed my bro and I! AHHH!

        Side note: I looked up the guys time, and I ended up beating his time by almost 2 minutes, so I win in the end!

        Eh, so frustrating that this was the only shot. Oh well, at least it was a PR! Little Bro had a few other good shots, but this was my shining moment with the photogs. I guess there will be other races, and hopefully no photobombing 17 year olds in crazy pants taking over my shot!

        Mercer Half Review in the works......

        Saturday, March 20, 2010

        Prep run and Expo

        The past few days have been crazy. Due to some unforseen events, I only ran once on Friday, even though I was DYING to try my new Garmin out earlier. Sometimes its just not in the cards....

        Somehow it was 60 degrees when I went out on my run. Little Bro joined me for the run out in West Seattle. I was eager to use the Garmin, and he was excited for me to take another funny picture of him (see picture above).

        After quickly locating satellites, we were off. I was surprised at how lightweight the Garmin was, and I didnt mind running with it on my wrist. After a few hundred feet I looked at the stats and was surprised to see that the mileage was calculating almost every second! The pace was also constantly changing, so I am guessing that its accurate to every few seconds. I had no idea that it had that capability!! My mind was blown!

        The run went well, and I finished in 54:30 for 6 miles (9:05 pace). I have had too much going on to actually plug the Garmin into my computer and load the new program, so my time splits will have to wait until after the race on Sunday. Now only if I can go that fast at the Mercer....

        On the run I also tried Luna Moon Energy Chews in Pomegranate. I was feeling low on energy, so I actually had a few chews on the car ride over before running (since I wasnt running that far, there was no need for energy later). The chews tasted great, although a bit more salty than normal gummy candy. I liked the consistency too (not too soft, but pretty sticky). Im not exactly sure how much energy I actually got from the chews, but I might have them as a snack in the future!

        Today I went to the Mercer Half Expo, but unfortunately I didn't run into any of you bloggers! The expo was decent enough and well organized, but I was expecting more booths or freebies to try. The Seattle Half Expo had discount running shoes and more brands represented (then again it was a MUCH larger race). I guess I will have to wait until after the run for the freebies.

        I do love the tech shirt for this race though! After driving through Mercer Island, I am hoping that the race isnt too did look fairly hilly! Here are the goals for tomorrow's race:
        • Standard goal: 
          • To not stop during the race
          • To beat my Seattle Half time (2:16:59)
        •  Realistic goal:
          • To run in 10:00 miles (2:10:00)
        •  Super-secret goal:
          • To run in 1:59:59
        I don't know how likely my super-secret goal is since that is close to what I have been running on, but I run on flat ground. Hills are a whole different race! As long as I PR and stay uninjured Ill be happy! I cant wait to meet some of you tomorrow.....Good luck! 

        Tuesday, March 16, 2010

        YES YES YES YES!!

        First, thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday!!

        I officially have the best boyfriend in the world. Last night I opened my birthday present and saw this:

        A Garmin Forerunner 305! Yipppeeey! I am so excited! I know we discuss running a lot, but I guess he must have known that I have been wanting one. Probably had something to do with my complaining whining annoyance of mapping/pegging my course after each run to find my average pace. Guess I wont need to do that any longer! I can run free!

        Review will come in the next week or so, but I cant WAIT to get out there and try this! Yes, its a little large on your wrist, but its extremely light. Also, the larger display will be easy to read while running.

        I am so excited, I even brought it with me to work just to look at :) Thanks JJ for being an awesome boyfriend and supporting me in running!! I cant wait to try it during the Mercer Half this weekend!

        Also, my Body Glide arrived yesterday as well. I can already hear the snickering happening so, yes, I bought myself lube for my birthday. I am REALLY hoping this stuff works and doesn't stain clothing. From what I've read it does work, and if not, I can always go back to using my tape:

        Too bad I'm supposed to be resting this week before the half, all I want to do is try the new gear!!

        Happy running and let me know if you have any tips or tricks for Garmin Forerunners! Hopefully I can figure it out before this weekend...

        Monday, March 15, 2010

        Birthday Run

        So today is my birthday :) I decided to take the day off and relax. I went for a 9.4 mile run in 1 hour 29 minutes (9:29/miles!) The plan was to go at a slow and steady pace, but I somehow managed a decent time. The weather is perfect for a birthday run....61 degrees and sunny!

        I couldn't believe how warm it was! Knowing the weather was nice, I wore my new Nike Hero Mesh Shorts that my little bro got me for my bday. I usually run in capris or something covering my legs since I am not a fan of the Nike Tempo shorts that everyone else seems to love. The difference is the cut and that the Nike Hero's are made of mesh. I love them!!

        I wore these over a pair of leggings for the St Pats Dash yesterday, and just the running shorts today on my run. Not only do they fit me perfectly, but the shorts DON'T RIDE UP!! The mesh seems to move with me and doesn't crawl up my waist or legs. Not only that, but they are super comfortable and have other really cute colors. I might have to buy another pair in orange or purple tomorrow! (Nordstrom carries them in the stores, but I didn't see them online). Thanks little bro! :) I finally have a pair of shorts that work for me!

        Also during the run I tried one of the GU Espresso Love gels that my mom bought me:

        Ive mentioned before that I tried the Vanilla and Chocolate flavors years ago, but not this one. I have heard rave reviews but Im still skeptical on a coffee flavored gel mid-run. I took the gel at mile 6 today and it was DELICIOUS! Not only was the consistency much better than the Powerbar Gels or Clif Gels, but it was the perfect not-too-runny and not-too-thick. The flavor was also great! By mile 9 I was feeling great and didn't have an upset stomach!

        • Great flavor
        • Perfect consistency
        • Good amount (1.1 oz, which is smaller than the other gels)
        • Didnt make me thirsty or full 
        • NOT SALTY!!
        • No litter leash
        Let me tell you right now, I will NOT be buying the Powerbar Gel or Clif Gels from now on, unless there is a dire emergency. This product (IMO) was far superior to the competition. On taste alone it exceeded my expectations! I could even use this as a snack (I have quite the sweet tooth). Yes, that is how much I liked these!!

         Cant you tell I'm excited??

        Hope the reviews helped. I am so excited that I received 2 AWESOME products from the fam on my birthday! Now I'm off to finish my favorite mocha and read my book. Then off to dinner at my favorite Tom Douglas Restaurant, Ettas. Get the salmon can thank me later. (For all you PNW'ers, take advantage of the 3 for $30 deals all month!)

        Happy Running :)

        Sunday, March 14, 2010

        St Pats Dash 3.8m Recap

        Location: Seattle, WA
        Official time: NA
        Chip time: 32:15
        Pace/mile: 8:29/mile

        Overall: 1262/7823
        Gender Place: 294/4318
        Age Place: 50/523

        Today was the Henry Weinhard's St. Pats Dash in Downtown Seattle. The website said that this was the largest St. Patrick's Day run in the US, and their expectations were exceeded; over 15,225 people participated in the 3.8 mile dash today! As you can see from the picture above, it was a complete sea of green on the streets! My boyfriend JJ and my little bro joined me for the festivities.

        Wearing green and not getting pinched!! 
        This was my first time running in the Dash, and it was also a new route for them this year. It started at the Seattle Center, went around a block, then headed up highway 99, pinwheeled, and went back to Seattle Center. What the race didn't state was that it was a gradual hill all the way up 99, which lasted well over 1.3 miles!

        Since the race officials expected the crowds for this event, there were 4 waves: Green (run, timed and award), red (run, timed only), Purple (jog, untimed) and Yellow (walk, untimed). In theory, this was a great idea, but at the start of the race all of the other waves crowded the start. Admittedly, we arrived with about 30 seconds to spare, but it took over 3 minutes to get through the crowds to the starting line! This left us with a huge gap to start running, then fighting the last of the "fast" red wave for positioning.

        The first .3 were pretty easy, as I was virtually running by myself. As soon as I turned and started to make my way up 99, I was constantly dodging people to get through. I actually felt great during this race, and it was nice to finally be passing the majority of the people :) My goal was to run well, but not injure myself before the Mercer Half next weekend.

        After the pinwheel turn I made a quick dodge for the photo guy (I think the dude in front of me blocked my shot) but then I had a burst of energy and ran as fast as I could while in control the last mile and a half. My final time was 32:15, but I am not sure if this is the gun time or the chip time. The official results only show one time, where usually they state which is which. Does anyone know which time is posted? My iPhone said it took me around half an hour, so I'm not sure which is correct. The timing chip is probably correct and I probably just have wishful thinking!

        Also, my little bro ran with me for most of the race. He mentioned that there were a few of you who yelled "Sarah" and "Brunette" during the race! I had my headphones in and I'm usually in a complete zone while running. Please know I wasn't ignoring you!! :) I did look for you guys after the race, but I was unable to spot you in the 15,000+ crowds. I hope you guys had great races and I want to meet you guys soon!!

        JJ and I posing near the fountain

        Just in case we missed the photo-op during the race, my bro and I decided to take "action shots" near the fountain. Hopefully none of you spotted us looking like total dorks. Note that these are the "good" shots, the bad ones are ridiculous! I managed to look like an evil leprechaun in one shot.....

        Standard sibling action shots

        The tents post-race had the standard fare: magazines, brochures, granola bars, electrolyte water, fruit, etc. They were also giving out beads and St Pats gear at this race. (Race medal beads shown in picture below) We went into the Henry Weinhard Beer Garden and saw former Sonics player Detlef Schrempf. We would have stayed longer, but the beer garden was cash only, and the line was too long to go out and come back in. I was looking forward to the beer garden too!
        Post race tents and beer garden at Seattle Center
        Sooo, we ended up having a beer with our post-race breakfast. Crisis averted. Hope everyone who participated had a great race or a great weekend!

        Celebratory beer after the race (Hef of course!)

         Dash longsleeved t-shirt and medal (aka beads)

        Benefits: Autism & Detlef Schrempf Foundation
        First image via Seattle PI