Friday, August 6, 2010

Return of La Nina?


So I was reading an article on (Seattle's local news) and apparently we are in for a lousy, wet and cold winter. Last winter we had La Nina, which meant it was warmer and dry. I was particularly a fan of 55 degree farenheight average in January! Not good news for local outdoor runners:

Seriously, I really prefer El Nino to La Nina!

A recap of last week's Anacortes Art Dash Half Marathon on the way!


  1. I just saw that La Nina thing today too. Could it possibly be a worse winter than last year??

  2. I think we had El Nino in the PNW last year. Im hoping for a mild winter again! I think the East Coast had it bad....

  3. 55 in January! That would be heaven!! Hopefully winter won't be too rough.

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