Monday, June 21, 2010

RIP Bug...

Yuck, it finally happened....

A bug flew into my eye while running! I should also preface this post by saying that I am horribly scared of any creepy, crawly creature, expecially bugs and spiders.

Well, I should say that actually 3 perished while on my run, but the first was definately the worst. I dont know how this hasnt happened to me before, but I sure paid for it on this run!

While running 6.2 around a local park, I was cruising along at a good sub-9/mile pace when something hit my eye. I quickly stopped and started blinking, but I could see it was HUGE. Since I hate bugs and are terrified of them, I frantically started clawing at my eye to get the thing out. Literally about 3 minutes later I felt it and tried to get it out with my finger (so gross!) but only a small portion of the bug came out! Without getting too graphic and grossing myself out more, pieces of the bug kept coming out of my eye during the rest of my run.

If you cannot tell already, sadly, the bug did not make it.

I guess there are just not too many bugs to fly in my face in the city. And that I am extremely thankful for!

Sorry for the gross post. Happy (bug free) running!


  1. Oh no! To make you feel better, once, I thought I might have inhaled a tiny flying insect.
    My running friend told me she swallowed what she thought to be a fly.

  2. Glad you got it worst experience with a bug was a similar except I couldn't get it out until the next day and ended up with an eye infection and couldn't wear contacts for a week. Not fun!

  3. Ew, ew, ew, this has happened to me a few times and I HATE it!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I hate it when that happens! I have had several bugs make there way into my eyes and I wear contacts:(

    I hope that your training is going well!

  5. hahahahah that was soo funny! Ha thanks for that post.

  6. You are soo funny! Enjoy your post - a LOT :)

  7. I hate hate hate that! once i could actually see the bug in my eye it was soooo disturbing!

  8. ooh i hate when this happens! i have also almost choked on some - so lovely, knowing you just forced yourself to swallow some bug.