Friday, June 11, 2010

Running on Builders Bars!

After reading the article I posted yesterday about the guy who runs on bananas, I keep thinking about the runs I have accomplished lately and trying to figure out which runs were more successful than others and why. I have come to the conclusion that he might be able to run only on bananas, but I could probably run only on Builders Bars!

On all of the runs that I have done lately (hill runs or just regular runs around the neighborhood) my speed and energy level seems to go with how much protein I have had that day. Usually this means if I had a Builder's Bar earlier that day or not. Even just yesterday I ran 6 miles and was completely dragging. I not only ran one of my slowest paces in months (9:45/mile) but I had no protein in my system. Today I had a Builders Bar and ran 5 miles at a 8:55/pace including hills. That is a huge difference!!

I don't think I would go as far as eating ONLY Builders Bars (I would need coffee, GU and Hefeweizen in the mix too!), but one a few hours before a long run seems to give me better results. More on my review of Builder's Bars here.

Is there anything that you HAVE to eat before a long run or race?

Happy running :)


  1. Those look good ... we don't have them here yet so I'll have to pick some up in Seattle later this month!

    My pre-run breakfast veries a bit, but I LOVE having my tea with milk and sugar. Helps wake me up and warm me up!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Mmmm, I have got to give these a try:) They look soooo good! I usually eat a half of bagel with peanut butter and honey and a half of a banana. I have never been a huge breakfast girl:)

    I resent your package out yesterday morning! Keeping my fingers crossed that it makes it:)

  3. I have a piece of cheese and some fruit before I go...if I'm lucky there is some peanut butter involved too!