Friday, June 25, 2010

Seattle RnR Expo & Bloggy Dinner

INSANELY busy last 3 days....I can't even begin! Lets just say that the Seattle Rock N Roll Half is almost here and snuck up on me! The expo was the last 2 days, and I have to say it was amazing! Not only is this the largest race I have run in (about 35,000-40,000 people!) but it is the most well organized event to date:
The Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Health & Fitness Expo sets the stage for an exciting marathon weekend! For two days, over 100 exhibitors will offer free samples, showcase the latest in running gear, sports apparel, health & nutritional information and much more.
Literally, they were not kidding! There was TONS of freebies, discounts and samples to be had by everyone. I particularly loved the Sports Beans booth (which my other Step-Sis was working) and the GU booths. I also enjoyed the random free samples of fresh kiwi and the Fage yoghurt stand. Yum!

Not only was there plenty of free swag, but there were great discount too. I was able to snag a 24 pack of GU for $20, including tax! There were all flavors and sizes and types (GU, Chomps, Brew...) but this is the best deal I have found anywhere. Also Sports Authority had some awesome deals on discounted new running gear. I should have picked up a few Under Armour shirts....

This event was HUGE and very well organized. Although this race differed from others in that you had to bring a signed waver form AND i.d. **and they will NOT let you take someone else's bib!** the lines were organized by corral number and the lines were short. After you picked up your bib and D-tag, there was another line as an option to upgrade to the full marathon, or change your corral number (which I did, to finish earlier...more details to come on the reason!) It was really simple to do, and there were no questions asked. My kind of packet pickup!
 Bib with D-tag attached

After we received our tech shirts, there was instructions on how to put on the D-tag and plenty of people to answer questions. After this area, we were ushered into a large Brooks RnR memoribilia area. I have never seen so many items to purchase for a race! Plenty of options for men and women's shirts, tanks, shorts, pants, jackets, hats, socks, keychains, etc. I mean, they had everything and more that you could think of. I was impressed, and actually bought another Brooks Seattle RnR tech shirt (pic to come!)

There was even an area to win free Brooks swag too. Unfortunately I was horrible at the ball-toss game, but the rest was fun and free.

All in all, it was a great expo. Just check out all that I went away with:

Yes please!

After the expo I met up with other awesome bloggy ladies at the Spaghetti Factory to carbo-load before the race. I am so happy that I was able to meet up with a few local familiar faces and even a few bloggers from across the US!

Bloggy runners!

Seriously an awesome night! A HUGE thanks to Mel for setting up the evening. I don't know how she does it all! :) I cant wait to run with all of you ladies tomorrow!

Night and good luck ladies! (and thanks to Kerrie for the picture!!)


  1. wow thats a nice looking goody bag! enjoy it!

    good luck!!

  2. Looks like a blast! The expo sounds awesome. I hope that R&R Chicago is similar!! Good luck -- even though you don't need it!!

  3. Looks like a fabulous expo. Good luck!

  4. I hope it went well for you:)

  5. SOOO GLAD You could make it Sarah!! Always great to see you and your brother. that expo was GREAT

  6. This looks like so much fun and the goodie bag is awesome!! Good luck with the race!!

  7. How'd you do?!

    I was up there this weekend, doing the full marathon. Unfortunately, my friends and I were late to the expo because of traffic and didn't get to score very many free goodies :(