Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Marathon Inspiriation

Okay a little late to post on this, but how exciting was Boston Monday? This was the first year I really paid any attention to Boston, and I found it really entertaining! I was rooting for Ryan Hall (Go USA, haha) to win, but he still had an awesome race. How amazing is it that the winner's time? Robert Cheruiyot's marathon time of 2:05 was faster than my Whidbey Half time of 2:06? Dang!!

I also came across an awesome post from Runblogger who posted a video documenting the 2005 Chicago Marathon. I know, I know, its not the Boston Marathon, but once I clicked on it I watched the entire thing... all hour and forty-two minutes of it. It is really fantastic and inspiring. If you are too lazy to click on the link below, here is a brief review from their website:
Spirit of the Marathon is the first film to capture the story, drama and ultimate essence of the legendary 26.2 mile running event.

Filmed globally in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, the movie brings together a diverse cast of amateur athletes and marathon luminaries.

As six unique stories unfold, each runner prepares for and ultimately faces the challenge of the Chicago Marathon. More than a sports movie, Spirit of the Marathon is an inspirational journey of perseverance and personal triumph; a spectacle that will be embraced by runners and non-runners alike.
I liked it so much Im re-posting it here:

Seriously thinking about running a marathon after watching that. Did it inspire you??

I'm still feeling crummy, and might take the day off from running. Then again, Ill probably feel lazy a few hours from now and end up running a few on the dreadmill. We'll see....happy running!


  1. I watched the Spirit of Marathon and it totally inspired me and I felt, if they can do it , I can do it. That was a year ago and just a few days back I signed up for my first marathon. Not sure, what to expect, but I hope it's a good thing :)

  2. LOVED watching the Boston Marathon!

    I also love SotM. It absolutely inspired me during training for my first marathon, and ever since watching it I *know* I have to run Chicago one day!

  3. I loved watching Spirit of the Marathon too :) Rest up so you can feel better!