Saturday, April 10, 2010

Signed up & off to Whidbey!

Workouts while sick:
Thursday, April: Ran 6 (8:51/pace)
Friday, April 9: Ran 5 (9:11/pace)

Packing and heading up to Whidbey Island today for the half marathon on Sunday! Even though I'm STILL sick, I'm excited to run this race with Little Bro and celebrate my Mom's birthday. I guess Ill have a new topic to post about - running while sick! Recap to come in the next few days...

Also, I signed up for the Bainbridge Island Half Marathon on April 25th!! Its going to be a killer, but then Ill qualify for Half Fanatic status :) Below is a short blurb that I wrote about the BIHM a few weeks ago:

The Bainbridge Island Half Marathon is located on Bainbridge Island, which is a scenic 35 minute ferry boat ride across from Seattle. The half marathon is being held on Sunday, April 25th and will benefit the local Boys & Girls Club. The fee is $50, which includes a t-shirt and chip timer (they are not sure about medals for everyone at this point).

This is looking to be a tough race. This is the inaugural year for the BIHM, and is replacing the 25+ year old Toe Jam Hill Half Marathon (that's a HUGE hill on the island). It is a slightly different course for the BIHM, but still goes up Toe Jam hill, and other hills throughout the Island. I'm thinking about signing up for this race, but because I know the island well, I'm not expecting a sub 2-hour half on this one! Ill be happy just to finish in one piece!

Exciting!! I didnt find any coupon codes, but this race is only $50 (no medal though, boo). Seriously, more medals need to be handed out (ahem, Mercer Half??) I will be sure to take plenty of pictures of my medal from the Whidbey half this weekend!
Happy running and a sniffly, achy, coughing, sore throaty Whidbey Half recap to come :/


  1. Hope you feel okay for the race tomorrow! Good luck!

    What's up with no medal?? I've never heard of a HM around here without one. That sucks!

  2. Oh wow! how cool that you will be a half fanatic!! if I wasn't doing a full on the 25th of this month I would probably try for that! I am thinking maybe May/June/July will be my opportunity!!!!

    Have fun at Whidbey! I hear it is a doozie!! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. hope you are feeling better for the race tomorrow! good luck :)

  4. Have fun at the race! Can't wait to read all about it.

  5. Hope you feel better tomorrow. Can't wait to read your race report. You're going to do GREAT!

  6. I know. I'm down with paying a little more if it gets me a medal. Good, today. Hope you made it okay, and looking forward to your recap!