Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring is here!

Wednesday, April 14: Ran 6 (10:30/pace)
Thursday, April 15: Ran 6 (10:00/pace)
Friday, April 16: Ran 6 (10:00/pace)
Sunday, April 18: Ran 4 (9:15/pace)

Lots of quick short runs this week. I took 2 days off for recovery after the Whidbey Half, but I really wasnt sore since I didnt run that fast in the race :( Even though I am STILL sick I wanted to get back to running anyways.

Wednesday and Thursday's runs were tough. I have little to no energy and I ended up stopping to catch my breath a few times. I felt like I was still going to pass out or fall over. I felt fine the rest of the night afterward, but the run itself was tough. Friday's was better, but I'm still dragging.

I did make it in to the doctor, and the good news is that it isn't pneumonia! I even had x-rays because that's what they thought it must be since I have had it for so long. The bad news is that there is no medicine that I can take to feel better - it just has to work itself out. Boo that!

So, I decided to use my own "medicine" and have a few hefeweizen at my first Sounders game of the season! We ended up winning in the final few seconds 1-0 against Kansas City. I figured that alcohol kills germs, right?? :)

Today was beautiful and over 70 degrees! All the leaves finally came out on the trees in Seattle, so its starting to feel like spring. I even saw a few bunnies earlier this week too. LOVE LOVE LOVE running in the spring :)

Hope everyone is feeling better and had a great weekend!

PS - We celebrated my Mom's birthday earlier this week but I didnt post anything. So....happy belated birthday Mom :)


  1. You are so fantabulously cute, Sarah!!! :-)
    I hope you are feelign better soon. Congrats on getting out there and running!

  2. Love your idea of medicine!! I hope you have a great week!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Sorry that you are not feeling the greatest yet....LOL on your own choice of medicine:) Hang in will be feeling better in no time! Love the are so adorable:)

  4. I'm impressed you finished 4 runs even though you didn't feel well! Good job! I'm sure your "medicine" will work, just keep drinking ;)

  5. Hope you are healthy SOON! Take care of yourself... plenty of fluids, and not just beer. ;)

  6. That stinks that you're still sick! Take care of yourself and I hope you get better soon!