Thursday, April 8, 2010

Month Review: March 2010

Well, better late than never! I might have not kept up in posting, but I greatly improved my mileage! Here are the details:

March 2010:
       Total Miles: 106.8
       Average Pace: 10:25/mile
       Running Time: 18:34:09  
       Yearly Total:  287.5 miles
       Yearly Time Total: 47:18:14
   Blog Posts in March: 16

In a month I celebrated my birthday, ran 2 races (half and a dash), increased my mileage, went 23.4 miles over my monthly goal (of 83.4 miles), increased my yearly mileage by 37.3 of where I should be for my Tall Mom 1,000 + goal, and unexpected trip to Hawaii and went through a ton personally. If not for the unexpected personal part, I would say it was an awesome month!

My average pace might be slow, but this was from running extra hills towards the end of the month, as well as the heat and humidity in Hawaii. I also counted the Makapu'u and Koko Crater hikes as "runs" which made my mileage off. At that point I couldn't run very far in the heat, so I counted it as running. Hey, I wanted the mileage :)

As for the Mercer Half Marathon, I am very pleased with my time. Taking about 15 minutes off of my Seattle Half time was a huge achievement, but it was oh-so-close to breaking the sub 2-hour mark. Maybe this Sunday at the Whidbey Half?? Doubtful if I still have this nasty cold. I should remember NOT to go on planes within 3 weeks of a race! 

Also, it was a great month because I finally met up with a few of you! I was so great to meet you, albeit brief, but I cant wait until the next race! Ill leave you all with a final pic from Oahu:

Sunset off Waikiki

Happy running and hope everyone had a great March!


  1. great stats!!!!! ur milage is incredible. keep up the good work!! and u will get ur sub 2 hour half.
    im searching for mine as well!

    happy thursday! :)

  2. Nice work on the mileage this month, way to go!!

  3. Awesome job in March! I'm on the hunt for a sub 2 half too!

  4. Wow! Awesome running month! Its good to know I'm not the only one who didn't like the fashion industry :)

  5. Good luck with your race this weekend!

  6. Nice work this month Sarah!! I am proud of you girl:) I really think that you are going to surprise yourself and have many PRs to celebrate this season!! I am just saying...I have a good feeling about this one:) Good luck!!

  7. Definitely sounds like a great month! GOod luck at the half this weekend.