Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2 years! ♥

Okay, this is only somewhat running related.....but today I am celebrating 2 years with my boyfriend :)

Ill skip most of the mushy stuff, but I am so happy with him (and to find someone that will put up with my running schedules, races, special meals, driving me to and from races, taking corny pictures of me while running....you get the picture)!
He even knew I wanted to run after work, so we have later dinner reservations! Yep, he's a keeper :)

Beat the Bridge 8k, May 2008: our first race

Post Seattle Marathon 2009: My first half and his first full marathon

4th of July, 2010 (after the Fun Run)

Thanks for running with me, and always supporting me too!
Happy 2 years! ♥


  1. He is a keeper. He even runs with you! How awesome is that? Happy anniversary!

  2. congrats! hope ur having a great anniversary!

  3. That's great you both have run so many races together! :]

  4. This is so cute! I rant about Kyle a lot so I give you total permission! You could have hit us with the cute stuff too....what kind of dinner? Were there any gifts involved? Blah blah blah!

  5. Happy 2 years! May you have many more!

  6. You look like the cutest couple! Congrats on the two years:) I think it is awesome that he runs too!

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! That is awesome that you have such a supportive boyfriend :)

  8. Congrats. Happy anniversary! Both are looking awesome. I personally like your casual button-down shirt.