Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wait, what??

Hmmm….two things:
First, I somehow woke up extra early today to run 5 miles before I went to work. Anyone who knows me this is somewhat impossible since I am NOT a morning person and a complete night owl. I don’t know what motivated me to actually get up and run (vs my normal hitting the snooze button multiple times) but I’ll take it!

 Somehow my run was more groggy than normal. I thought I would have been more awake since I wake up early for races, but it just wasn’t happening :)
Second, I JUST realized that my time in the BYS Fun Run on the 4th of July was only 3 seconds off my PR from 2009! Wow?! How did I not realize this? I was seriously thinking my PR was faster, and I wonder if I would have pushed it harder in the race if I had known. Hmm??
Looks like I need to sign up for a few more 5ks soon…..I am NOT running at my potential! Has anything strange happened to you lately??


  1. I usually have sleepy-legs for the first part of a morning run. I figure it's different for races since at that point you have been awake for a few hours, as opposed to waking up and basically heading out right away.

  2. Good job on getting up THAT early!! I have a really hard time and run in the evenings, I just can't get up :)

  3. One of the things I love about morning runs is that I am virtually asleep for the first mile! It is usually the slowest and has come and gone before I even know it! I will be pounding the pavement early tomorrow--so hot around here!