Thursday, July 8, 2010

"You ran....on purpose??"

Holy heat wave Seattle!

Well, summer is here all right....we hit 94 degrees in Seattle! To be fair, it was 91 degrees when I went on my run. I was set on getting at least 5 miles in, and I really didnt think it would be that big of a deal while at work. Yeah, I was wrong.

That was one of the most difficult runs ever! I made it my 4 miles at a 10:00 pace, but it wasn't pretty with the hills. For kicks, I decided to run another mile, thinking I could run back through a few sprinklers on my way. Within FEET of reaching the sprinklers someone turned them off! So much for my cool must have been there to tempt me :)

Anyways, when I got back from my run (dazed and confused, haha) a woman was walking through the front doors. She looked at me and said:
"You ran? In this heat......on purpose?"

I smiled and said yes, and she looked at me like I was crazy. Getting a few miles in isnt that crazy, is it??

Happy heat stroke running!


  1. LOL....people think I am crazy too. We are having a heat wave here....its like 104F here for almost a week but I still have to get those runs in ;)

  2. It is crazy hot here in the northeast too! I ran tonight around 8 and it was tolerable, but man was I sweaty! :)

  3. good job. its soo hot out there its almost unbearable to run.

    i ran the other day and i was sweating as soon as i stepped a foot out the door.

    happy weekend~!

  4. haha sometimes I think that about people who run at 2 in the afternoon here...but HOT here equals to over 100 degrees, so people who run in weather like that deserve to be called crazy. I wish I would just tell them to wait till the sun goes away! It's so worth it!

  5. Looks like you guys are having the same weather we are. BRUTAL! Way to get it done. LOL at "running on PURPOSE?"

  6. haha, on purpose?! too funny. it was pretty darn hot when i was headed to the airport. thank god the draw bridge didnt go up because on my way into the city the other day it did and my taxi DID NOT have AC. but yes the ferry ride was delightful. almost fell asleep ;)

  7. Hi Sarah,
    You are such a rock star for running in the freaking heat on purpose! Only another runner would understand this:) Nice work on getting it done:)

  8. LOL! Before I started running I probably would have asked you the same thing :) Good job on running through the heat!!