Thursday, March 11, 2010

Awesome Thursday!

Okay, lots to say and not much time. I was just given FREE (yes, FREE) Sounders tickets to their preseason game tonight against the Portland Timbers. For all of you who are not from the PNW, the Sounders are our new Major League Soccer team, and they did really, really well in their inaugural season last year. We went into the playoffs! If you are not familiar with Seattle sports, well that was really good for one of our new teams! If I would have had the tickets before right now, I would have done a giveaway for all of you local bloggers.....its amazing to see how long these guys can run for. Its all they do during the game. They literally give their full 90 out there!

I'm also headed to the premier of Remember Me afterward. I'm doubting I will get a chance to run between, but you never know! Its going to be an awesome night :) Yesterday I was able to get a quick 4 miler in on the dreadmill. I have to say, its getting a little easier each time! I was able to look at the screen and not panic while watching the seconds go by. I was even able to bump up my speed faster than 9:00/miles during the run! For a few weeks there I was struggling to even get through 9:00 flat consistently!

 Not bad, Ill take what I can get on the dreadmill!

Also, as promised, here is a new half marathon that I just found out about:

The Bainbridge Island Half Marathon is located on Bainbridge Island, which is a scenic 35 minute ferry boat ride across from Seattle. The half marathon is being held on Sunday, April 25th and will benefit the local Boys & Girls Club. The fee is $50, which includes a t-shirt and chip timer (they are not sure about medals for everyone at this point).

This is looking to be a tough race. This is the inaugural year for the BIHM, and is replacing the 25+ year old Toe Jam Hill Half Marathon (that's a HUGE hill on the island). It is a slightly different course for the BIHM, but still goes up Toe Jam hill, and other hills throughout the Island. I'm thinking about signing up for this race, but because I know the island well, I'm not expecting a sub 2-hour half on this one! Ill be happy just to finish in one piece!

This half and the Whidbey Half would be 14 days apart, which would qualify for Half Fanatic status. Hmm.....Ill keep you posted!

Happy Running!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I am so glad that you are getting faster and your runs are getting easier:) Did you already register for the Bainbridge Island Half? It sounds like a good one:) I think I have a half that same day!!

  2. Have fun! Can't wait to hear what you think of the looks really interesting!

  3. Go for the Fanatic status! Can't wait to hear about your races!

  4. Hope you had fun at the game and movie! I'm going to see Remember Me tonight. :)

  5. Have a great weekend! It sounds like it will be a blast :-)