Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Run

So today is my birthday :) I decided to take the day off and relax. I went for a 9.4 mile run in 1 hour 29 minutes (9:29/miles!) The plan was to go at a slow and steady pace, but I somehow managed a decent time. The weather is perfect for a birthday run....61 degrees and sunny!

I couldn't believe how warm it was! Knowing the weather was nice, I wore my new Nike Hero Mesh Shorts that my little bro got me for my bday. I usually run in capris or something covering my legs since I am not a fan of the Nike Tempo shorts that everyone else seems to love. The difference is the cut and that the Nike Hero's are made of mesh. I love them!!

I wore these over a pair of leggings for the St Pats Dash yesterday, and just the running shorts today on my run. Not only do they fit me perfectly, but the shorts DON'T RIDE UP!! The mesh seems to move with me and doesn't crawl up my waist or legs. Not only that, but they are super comfortable and have other really cute colors. I might have to buy another pair in orange or purple tomorrow! (Nordstrom carries them in the stores, but I didn't see them online). Thanks little bro! :) I finally have a pair of shorts that work for me!

Also during the run I tried one of the GU Espresso Love gels that my mom bought me:

Ive mentioned before that I tried the Vanilla and Chocolate flavors years ago, but not this one. I have heard rave reviews but Im still skeptical on a coffee flavored gel mid-run. I took the gel at mile 6 today and it was DELICIOUS! Not only was the consistency much better than the Powerbar Gels or Clif Gels, but it was the perfect not-too-runny and not-too-thick. The flavor was also great! By mile 9 I was feeling great and didn't have an upset stomach!

  • Great flavor
  • Perfect consistency
  • Good amount (1.1 oz, which is smaller than the other gels)
  • Didnt make me thirsty or full 
  • No litter leash
Let me tell you right now, I will NOT be buying the Powerbar Gel or Clif Gels from now on, unless there is a dire emergency. This product (IMO) was far superior to the competition. On taste alone it exceeded my expectations! I could even use this as a snack (I have quite the sweet tooth). Yes, that is how much I liked these!!

 Cant you tell I'm excited??

Hope the reviews helped. I am so excited that I received 2 AWESOME products from the fam on my birthday! Now I'm off to finish my favorite mocha and read my book. Then off to dinner at my favorite Tom Douglas Restaurant, Ettas. Get the salmon can thank me later. (For all you PNW'ers, take advantage of the 3 for $30 deals all month!)

Happy Running :)


  1. Happy birthday!! What a nice little treat for your birthday - a real, feel good run AND good weather! And awesome goodies from the fam :) cannot beat that!

  2. happy birthday! that is an awesome way to spend a part of your special day!
    i need to learn how to eat some of these gels and shots. ive only ever tried sharkies, which are like gummy bears.
    you would recommend the GU?

  3. Happy birthday Sarah! Glad to see you are treating yourself to a nice evening! Thanks for the GU review, I'll be sure to try them once I start adding up the mileage!

  4. Happy Birthday and looks like you are having a great day! And you have some awesome presents that are useful! Also thanks for the review.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you are having a great day!

  6. Hi Sarah,
    Happy birthday to you!! I am glad that you took the day off and went out for an awesome run!! I really like your running tights..they make you look so flipping skinny:) And...God bless shorts that don't ride up:)

    BTW: I knew it...I knew that you were a cheerleader for sure:) I was also a cheerleader and noticed the jump right away! You still got it:) Sarah, I hope that you have a fabulous week!!

  7. Happy b-day. Have you tried Hammer Gel Espresso flavor? I'd be interested to read your thoughts comparing the two brands. I'm looking for Gu Espresso now. I didn't know they had an Espresso flavor.

  8. Just found your blog--happy birthday!! Looks like you got some great gifts. Nice run!

  9. Happy Birthday Sarah!! (Sorry I missed it yesterday!)

    Great job on the run and what AMAZING weather. Perfect for a Birthday run!

    Welcome to the Gu club - I find the taste and consistency sooo much better than others.

  10. Happy Birthday to you!!!! Have a wonderful day :-)

  11. Happy Birthday pretty girl!! Welcome to the Gu club :)

  12. happy belated birthday!! what nice weather you were treated to for a run :)

  13. Happy Birthday! I hate Tempo shorts too, thought I was the only one! And I love how the plant behind your head in the last picture looks like you have a pretty bad ass hair style =)