Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dark and Stormy

Dont you just love those days where you set out for a 6 mile run and it turns into a 9 miler? Well today was one of those days :)

The run was especially beautiful today. It was sunny and windy, and the horizon to the west was really dark and rainy. I dont think I have said it before, but my favorite weather is when its really warm, yet dark and windy.....dont ask why :) Most of the run was sunny until the end when the clouds finally moved in and it started sprinkling:

Okay, this looks much darker than it was

I was planning on running slowly but I felt great. My 10:00 mile pace quickly moved down to a 9:30/mile pace. This was the first longer run that was well under 10:00 miles! At the end of the run I could have kept going and was averaging 9:27/mile for all of the 9 miles! Here's hoping to a good time for the Mercer Half next week!!

 Post run stretching

Have a great weekend! St Pats Dash tomorrow morning!


  1. Great job. Good luck next week.

  2. You are so ready for your half next week!! Good luck Sarah!

  3. I feel a nice PR in your future! Good luck next weekend

  4. Great pic!!! Good luck at your race!

  5. Good work!! We are going to do lunch after Mercer to celebrate Amanda at 5 Miles to Empty email me if you are interested. Will be fun to meet you!!!

  6. Good luck in Mercer Island. I will also be there. Never had run it before but I had run Seattle, so I am encouraged by your comment that it doesn't have the killer hills Seattle has... though I saw the elevation profile and Mercer Isl. looks a little bit scary to me!!!

  7. I kind of like dark skies... as long as it doesn't pour rain on me!

    GREAT job on the run & quick pace!