Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St Pats Dash - Photobombed!

I'm not sure where I read the word "photobombed" in the past few weeks, but it is seriously my new favorite word! I have been waiting to use it and the day has finally arrived!

After searching (lets not discuss how long it took me) through the St Pats Dash photos I finally found the ones that I was in from the official site. I knew that I was in a few shots because I was with Little Bro and we specifically slowed down to get in the shot. Here is what I found:

Ha, if you cant tell, that's me in the green shorts and gray leggings, with my face hidden!

SERIOUSLY?? I slowed my pace and specifically got in the photogs way to get a shot of my color coordinate race outfit! GRR! You cant even see my face. I mean, just look at the pants on the guy who photobombed my bro and I! AHHH!

Side note: I looked up the guys time, and I ended up beating his time by almost 2 minutes, so I win in the end!

Eh, so frustrating that this was the only shot. Oh well, at least it was a PR! Little Bro had a few other good shots, but this was my shining moment with the photogs. I guess there will be other races, and hopefully no photobombing 17 year olds in crazy pants taking over my shot!

Mercer Half Review in the works......


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Bummer about the photos:( I must say that those tights and green shorts are looking good!! Almost everyone of my race photos is a photobomb!! I can't wait to hear about Mercer!

  2. Haha...at least you beat him!!!

  3. Ah man!! I have not had one good race photo of me yet :(

  4. lol. sorry about the photo :-/ race photos are so hit-or-miss. you definitely won overall!

  5. Ha too funny! I totally knew that was you. You should hunt down that kid and smack him!

  6. Way to kick him in the run.... too funny post.

  7. HA! That is funny! Too bad that was your only shot! I bet you got a few from Mercer! I am waiting for those to come through!!

    P.S. I bet you read Photbomb on my or Mel's Million Inch Run recap where some crazy dude was a complete photobomb in the background! I had never heard the term either until I read it on the blog!!! hilarious!

  8. wow i have the same pants as that kid!!...

  9. All of my photos have me looking down at my watch. No matter how many times I have been told not to look down at the finish line I still do it! Great run!