Thursday, May 6, 2010

And another one.....

Well, here goes....

I just signed up for the Kirkland Half Marathon on Sunday, May 9th!


I think I just might be crazy, but I felt like running another one this weekend. You can find out more about the course here. Apparently, its ANOTHER really hill course, so who knows about my sub 2-half:

 Wowsa! Elevation graph from here

Also, I have no idea if there is a finisher's medal or not. I know they had one in year's past, but I didnt see anything on the website for this one. Maybe I'll get lucky and not only receive a medal but also get my sub 2. By looking at the elevation, Im doubtful for both! At least its another one under my belt though!!

Hope everyone had a fun Cinco de Drinko Mayo yesterday. I celebrated by running 8 miles (story about that to come) and having pork carnitas with a hefeweisen and lime. The lime was to be festive, or course!!

Off to run a few miles with my Step-Sis. Happy running!


  1. Looks like Kirkland to me!!!! =) This one is this weekend? I am like you, I cant stand for there to be a race so close!! I want to do them ALL!!!!! Good luck! You'll get your sub 2! eSpecially if you keep doing all these crazy hilly ones then hit up a relatively flat one! I would suggest Super jock n Jill on Labor Day! I will do it this year for the 3rd time!

    good luck!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I don't think your crazy! I am excited and happy for you:) Good luck! Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. You really are a half fanatic. ;)

  4. Good luck!! You are living up to your half fanatic name :) Have a wonderful weekend!