Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No running :(

Ahhhh, Im guessing it was all wishful thinking for the weekend. I WANTED to run, and probably could have on Friday, but bachelorette activities and the group arriving at different times made it impossible to get a workout in. I did see 2 girls running down the strip and I was insanely jealous! Although, I am not good at running in the heat, so it might have been a bad idea :) Besides that, it was a wonderful weekend in Vegas! Also, dancing is sort of a workout too....

On another running note, I was trying to run in the North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon on June 6th, but it seems that it has sold out :( I was waiting to see if I could work it into my schedule, and when I was sure that I could, they capped the entrance to 1500 runners :( There goes my chance for a race with a medal! I might try to find another race early in June before the Seattle Rock N Roll Half that I luckily signed up for. Anyone know of other races in Washington State?

Aside from that, I have been running around with errands because I am moving next weekend :) I'm planning on fitting in an 8 miler later on today before our Sounders Game (a friendly against Boca Juniors for those futbol soccer fans interested!) Last week was a sad running week, and I am hoping to get more than 16 in this week. Good thing I did the 12 miles before I left for Vegas, or else it would have only been about 10 miles! Eek!

Also, I found out that I won a giveaway from the awesome Julie over at Minesota Mileage. Check out her blog if you haven't already....she is super speedy! More details to come on that when it arrives :)

Happy running and let me know if anyone knows of other half marathons in the PNW for June!


  1. Glad you had a great time in Vegas! Welcome back to the real world. :)

  2. Seattle rock 'n' roll.. one month!!

  3. Glad to hear that you had a great time!! I always love Vegas :)

  4. you are a crazy half marathoner aren't you! good luck finding another race, i'm not familiar with the WA racing scene.