Friday, May 7, 2010

You know you're a runner when....


Monday, May : Ran 4 miles (8:40/pace on treadmill)
Wednesday, May 5: Ran 8 miles (9:06/pace) 
Thursday, May 6: Ran 5.5 (9:20/pace) & fast-walk 5.5 miles

Okay, so yesterday I went a little crazy and not only walked 5.5 miles to run an errand (don't ask, and yes, I'm sore from lugging my huge bag up hills!). I also went on a run with my awesome Step-Sis. Thanks for being my running buddy!! :) I unfortunately didn't take a picture on the run, but here is pictures of the 4 and 5-leaf clovers that I found on my extremely long walk Wednesday:

I am either going to have REALLY good luck this weekend, or I have an uncanny knack to find deformed clovers. I really find them all the time. (I'm crossing my fingers for an awesome tough half marathon in Kirkland on Sunday!!)

Now on to the story. On Wednesday I went for a nice 8-miler through the city. I was making a decent 9:00/mile pace without really trying. I was cruising along though the waterfront when I saw another woman running towards me. I didn't think anything about it until she got within 10 feet of me, stopped and turned abruptly and started running right in front of me! This wouldn't bother me, but they sped up and was going just slower than the pace I was going. I just thought that I would speed up and pass them so I wasn't going to run over her through the entire park.

I picked up the pace a bit and passed her. Within a few seconds, I realized that she was again right on my heels. I think she was trying to race me! The sun was shining and I could tell she was right behind me because of her heavy footsteps and her head's shadow bobbing on the path. What was she doing? I picked up the pace even more and she was still right behind me! We went for over a mile and a half at almost a 7:40/mile pace until the end of the park! Seriously, has anyone had this happen??

Let's just say that she never passed me and stopped just before the end of the park. Well, I hope she learned a lesson to not cut people off and try to race them through the park! Who does that? I don't think she knew who she was messing with :)

Do any of you have funny running stories??


  1. Wow that is really weird that she did that! I thought you were going to say that it was someone that you knew and didn't recognize at first or something.

    Cool clovers, when I was in grade school we used to sit in a field during recess and look for 4 leaf clovers, I've never found one! haha


  2. Definitely strange... one weekend hubs and I were running at a local park and another couple came up behind us, staying RIGHT on our heels. We kept looking back, seeing if they wanted to pass. Finally one of them said 'We like your pace!' Okay, fine, but if we're going to be your personal pace bunnies, maybe you could back off a little so you're not breathing down our necks!

  3. You are going to have great luck on Sunday!! You found a lucky clover:) Sarah, don't even worry about it...You have ran a few of these before and you are conditioned for this race! You are due:) Good luck girl!

  4. You are going to be lucky for sure. good luck in the race

  5. What in the world? At some point it just gets not knowing someone's name and 7 months in to seeing them everyday youre just over your head. Thank goodness she stopped before you did, I hate awkward encounters like that. At least like in Marlene's case they said something. She could have said something like "Hey mind if race you?" What ever...what a weirdo.

    Good lcuk tomorrow!!! Kirkland will be, well...Kirkland! Hilly! I'll be curious to see how you compare it to Mercer! have you done Seattle half? I wonder how it compares to that one?

    either way, good luck!!!

  6. I'm with What a wacko. You are right...who does that?? I would have just been like what are you doing?? Then ran all different directions just to piss her off.

  7. She OBVIOUSLY doesn't know who she is messing with. You show her how it is done. :)

  8. you sure don't need any luck :) hope the race went well!

  9. That is CRAZY!!! It would have freaked me out a little bit.