Saturday, February 27, 2010

11 miler.....WTH??

My schedule called for the longest run that I have done that wasn't a race....11 miles! I decided to have a few egg whites an hour before running so that I could keep my energy up. I put on my new pink Nike hat and set out to Alki.


In the first mile, I noticed that my legs were pretty tired, and I was low on energy. After the first 3 miles, I was ready to call it quits. I think the combination of too little carbs (even though I usually don't eat to many as is), being dehydrated as usual and a few hefeweizens last night were a bad call. I pushed through and decided that I wouldn't stop until I reached the 6 mile point. After reaching the 6 miles, I kept putting goals of not stopping until I passed the 9 mile point, or passing a certain bench or tree. I was ready to fall over!

Yeah, I was pooped at this point!

I ended up not stopping and had a time of 1 hour 55 minutes for my run (roughly 10:20/mile). It wasnt pretty, but at least I made it through the run! I will be sure to hydrate and eat a different meal before starting off for my 12 miler next weekend. I was pretty proud that I made it without stopping though. I know I can do this distance, but it seemed that everything was trying to work against me today. This just goes to show how much the mental aspect of running plays a part in your long runs. If my head wasn't into it, I would have surely stopped after mile 3. At least my head was in the game even though my body wasn't!!

On a side note, I saw the most random thing on my run: a cat on a leash! WHO PUTS A CAT ON A LEASH?? Has anyone seen this before? I'm NOT a fan of cats (I'm a dog person!!) and I couldn't help by laughing when I saw it. The cat looked extremely ticked off, and pretty rabid! The cat had long hair and looked somewhat like a bobcat. I wouldn't get too near that thing, it looked like it wanted to bite anyone who got near it! I had to take a picture:

On the sidewalk between the white poles!!

So I took the picture while running, and I couldnt get closer without the guy noticing I was taking a picture of his cat and laughing. I think this made my day. Who does that?? Its not the first time I have seen a cat on a leash! Below is picture worth a thousand words from Eastern Washington from 2 summers ago (while camping):


Hahaha, love it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. That last picture is great! Several years ago, I was running through Bellevue Botanical Gardens and there was a guy reading near the little waterfall with his cat on a leash at his side. I don't get it.

    Way to stick with your run!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Awesome job on the 11 miler!!! Way to stay strong and tough it out:) You should be proud of yourself!!

  3. Hope I get to meet up with you for the Seattle RNR, there are lots of us bloggies running. Way to go on pushing through.

    ok so we have two cats and I got them harnesses a few years ago because I thought it was hysterical! I couldn't get them more than like a foot out the door though and they refuse to walk :)

  4. GREAT JOB ON THE RUN! i cant remember the last time i ran 11 miles....prolly by last half marathon.
    i know how u feel about the run. u feel crappy while running, but dont wanna stop, and in the end, ur thankful that its over! but hey,u just ran 11 miles. either way u look at it, its freaking fantastic!!!

  5. Yes, that is definitely one of those bizarre "WTH!" sightings.

    Way to go on the 11 miles - an even bigger victory since you were ready to quit at 3.

  6. way to finish! i do the same thing on some runs, setting small goals like you said in getting to 6, then to 9, then to the end...helps get you through it!

  7. So glad that you got a picture of the cat on the leash. I have never seen that either!! I am totally a dog person. I hope that you have a great day and way to go on your run :-)

  8. Way to push through!!! Good job on your run!
    That is hilarious! No, I have never seen a cat on a leash....I do however, have a leash for my kids...;)