Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bibs, pictures and stats...oh my!

After I started running multiple races per month last fall, I noticed a thing growing in my apartment: my huge pile of race bibs, running information packets, running pictures, medals, course maps, etc. I didn't want to throw any of the bibs or pamphlets from the races I had done away, but the large pile was unorganized and driving me crazy. Not knowing about blogging or racing websites at that point, I decided to organize everything into a running binder (cheesy, but whatever!):


With my handy Microsoft Office knowledge, I used a letterhead out of their orange wave pattern. I used the same letterhead with added boxes for the name of the date, name of event, distance, time, age place, gender place and overall stats:

Brew Ha Ha 5k with added coaster and Jingle Bell pamphlets

I then added all the bibs and pamphlets from the races and put them into clear pages to protect each bib. I made tabs to separate the races by year to keep it all organized. In the front of the binder I have added pockets to keep upcoming races I am interested in, running articles and my training schedule:

This seems to work for me, but its probably not the *best* way to keep my stuff. Keeping a blog has helped keep track of websites, stats and pictures, but I still want to do something fun with the bibs :)
I have also seen other options for keeping racing material. One is called a Bib Keeper which is a pre-made scrapbook that holds 10 bibs each. At $29.99 + shipping, I think my little binder works just fine. Here is a picture of the Bib Keeper:

Also there are the standard picture frame and bib holder. I have seen them on specialty sites and also on each race websites photo page. I like these, but they can be really expensive as well (also, I want an AWESOME time before I frame one of these bad-boys):

Tiny picture, but you get my point! This one is $179.95!! Yikes!

This prompts me to ask you:  What do you do with your race bibs, stats, race pictures, pamphlets and other materials?? I would love, love, love suggestions!

Also, be sure to check out Zoe's giveaway at Run Zoe Run. She has a bunch of awesome Champion gear!
No running the past 2 nights (Im still paranoid that I will get injured after my long runs!), but I'm planning on a 6 miler tonight, then attempting some speed work. After my performance on the Love Em or Leave Em dash, I could use some extra speed :)


  1. LOVE your binder! I am an organizational nerd and love stuff like that. :) Right now my bibs/info are in a file in the filing cabinet. I may have to steal your binder idea. :)

  2. That is exactly what I do with all my race stuff! My Dad turned 50 last year so I made one for him. I loved it so much, that I made one for me too! I put it in a binder, and just keep adding pages as I do more races...Yours looks great!

  3. Oh not cheesy at all!! I love it! Great idea!! I have all my bibs stashed in a drawer that is almost too full to close properly!! It might be time to start my own binder. Great Idea!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    What a great idea:) I love the book with the racing bibs and will most likely start something similar for my own racing bibs!! Happy Thursday Sarah!!

  5. That is a wonderful idea. I lost my bib from my first and only half marathon :( I wish I was more organized!!!

  6. So far mine are in a photo album. I LOVE what you have done so cool and organized

  7. Sarah

    You have done a really neat job with the folder in years to come it will provide even more of a memory. I recently wanted to find what time I had run the London Marathon several years ago but can't find my race time its not on the website and because I just kept my medals and results in a heap in the garage its gone- so pays to be organised!!

    Regards Paul

  8. Okay can't believe I never thought to do this with my race stuff. I'm a scrapbooker so this is totally something I would do. Thanks for the idea!

  9. i love your binder. i wanna do the same thing. I keep thinking about it, but havent got around to do it. soon hopefully!

  10. ps. just found your blog and i really like it. check my blog out:

    talk soon!

  11. Your same pose thing makes me laugh bc I had to do a head shot for my college team to have my coaching pic up and they kept trying to take the pic and they were like "Every time when I get to 3 you tilt to the side!" hahah It's what cool people do!