Thursday, February 11, 2010


So, out of nowhere, my sports bra has decided to rub against my ribcage. I have been using the same shirts and sports bras, yet for some reason it is rubbing on my long runs. Call it chafing or whatever you want, its a pesky little annoyance, but it stings like HECK afterwards. I have NEVER had this happen before, and I have run in all sorts of humidity, heat and different materials, and yes, I have had a more intense training schedule too. This is just plain annoying though!

I will spare you all the pictures, but lets just say that its leaving blood on my shirt. Not pretty. I decided to try and use this foamy Nexcare tape to cover the rubbed area, and it seems to be working:

Foamy goodness

Is this something that I should use? Its pretty easy to just tape the problem spots. I haven't used body glide or the body lube that other runners talk about. Should I be buying it instead? If so, where do you buy it? (Geez, I can just see the awkward conversation at the store now: "no, I need it for running....I SWEAR!!" haha)

Other than that, I had a nice little dreadmill run late last night. Apparently was running 9 minute miles, but I swear it felt like 7 minute miles! I don't know why it is so much more difficult for me to run on the Dreadmill, but Ill take this time any day :)


Working a bit late, then off to go run. Happy mid-week running everyone!

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I have had those terrible sport bra burns:) I will have to give the Nexcare a try. You are right...they sting like crazy!! I feel the same way about running on the mill, it always seems like we are moving a heck of lot faster than what the mill reports! I hope that you have a great workout...Happy running:)

  2. I think Zoe uses Body Glide between her skin and any kind of clothing that might rub. I just got some and will be testing it out this weekend, so I'll let you know how it works. I know how bad it hurts -- my thighs were very close to bleeding last weekend. I had to walk like a penguin around my house.

  3. I use Body Glide.... got it at Target!

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