Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reviews (Zella & UA)

I have to admit I have an addiction. If there are cute workout clothes to buy, I usually end up buying them on the spot. Don't get me wrong, it needs to be the right fit and materials, but if its on sale, you can bet that I will probably be buying it on the spot! I couldn't help myself when I found these two little gems:

Zella Favorite Capri Pants (Black):

Okay, sorry for the grainy picture, but I felt like modeling them :) The Zella pants are amazing and feel like butter against your skin (cliche, but its true!) I know some of you cannot run in longer pants, but these do not ride up and keep your legs warm but not overheated. The capri might seem strange, but it is the perfect weight and coverage for running in 40-60 degree Pacific Northwest weather. The material doesn't bunch, so you can easily wear this on your long runs. Here are the product stats:

Wide waistband tops straight-leg capris cut from a smooth, stretchy knit.
  • Approx. inseam: 20".
  • Polyester/spandex; machine wash.
  • By Zella; imported.
  • Women's Active.
Also, I think they are pretty flattering on everyone Ive seen them on. You can find them here at Nordstrom for around $48. (Note that I am wearing the Zella Favorite Capris, which I bought on sale of course, for around $15! I think they were mismarked, but the link above is a very similar pair at the regular price.) I heard that these are usually compared to LuluLemon's workout pants, but these are much less expensive. I haven't tried the LuluLemon ones strictly because I like the price of these babies and they work for me and my addiction to workout gear.

Under Armour Reversible Cool/Warm Pullover (True Pink/Rosewood)

I found this Under Armour shirt at Nordstrom on sale as well! It ended up being around $25 instead of the regular $49.99 price! I was looking for something girly and pink for the Love Em or Leave Em Valentine's Dash last week, and this was a perfect find! I have been really impressed with my other Under Armour products, and this is no exception!

The Reversible Cool/Warm Pullover has a snug fit (not a super tight base layer, but somewhat in-between, UA calls it "fitted" so I got a larger size) and is reverisble. Both sides of the shirt have different tech fabrics, one being 
Both sides and colors of the Reversible Pullover 
(ha, I cant get the photos to go the right way!!)

I have run wearing both sides of the shirt against my skin, and it actually seems to make a difference. While on the Love Em or Leave Em 5k, I ran with the "Stay Warm" side against my skin, and it was almost too warm! Other times I have run with the "Stay Cool" side and it seems to be perfect. I have also been layering this with other shirts to stay warm while outside. The material is nice against your skin, and doesn't ride up too much (the shirt is tighter than others that I wear, which does cause a little bit of riding up in the waist). It really was perfect with a shirt over it! And I really liked the colors.

Here are the stats:

All-season exercise top reverses for effective moisture control and core-temperature maintenance in any weather.
  • Approx. length from shoulder: 25".
  • Polyester/elastane; machine wash.
  • By Under Armour; imported.
  • Women's Active.
All in all, both were great finds on sale! You really can never have too many clothes. I would recommend both to anyone! Especially the capris. Just for another picture, here are the professional pictures from the Love Em or Leave Em race last week (grainy beacuse I downloaded them from their website...I dont want to pay for them!!)

Not the best pictures, but at least you can see the capris and the new shirt! And hey, the pictures were free!

So, question is: What is your favorite deal you've found??

Happy running...I'm planning on 5-6 miles tonight!


  1. omg I hear you on this one...I am also addicted to buying cute workout gear. I have so much and for some reason feel like I need to keep buying more. You found some great deals! I have found some surprisingly cute stuff at Old Navy and TJ Maxx...

  2. I love running in my capris. My running partner does not understand how I do it, but they are more comfortable for me. Plus, I have a horrible body image problem and do NOT like my legs.

  3. I found a Under Armour long sleeve mock neck for 19.99 at TJ maxx and I LOVE it! I have also found great Nike stuff there. I also run in capris in the warm weather. I have tried shorts, but feel like they are riding up the whole I stick to the capris, even in the 80s. Love your outfit!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I love the capris!! You look so adorable running in those few pictures...your smile is beautiful!! I have a few of the Under Armour long sleeved shirts and I love that they a form fitting and comfy! I need to find all of these sales that everyone is talking about...I have the worst luck getting name brand cheap!

  5. Awesome review! My favorite deal is half price running skirts at ... they always seem to have one I want!

  6. Oh, I love that reversible shirt idea with the different colors & fabric! Looks great on you!

  7. GREAT reviews and cute cute outfit! Oh how I love the rack I found my FAVORITE jeans there for $70 when they are no longer sold in stores and I paid $120 last time. SCORE!