Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lunch Run!

I ended up having to work late AGAIN last night, leaving me too exhausted to run. I was so bummed last night :( It was also POURING DOWN RAIN when I was leaving work, so I went and bought this cute little hat to run in:

The Nike Dri-FIT Feather Light Womens Cap in a new colorway for holiday 2009 features mesh insets for maximum comfort, style, and function and stealth grey underbill reduces glare. Other details include a Dri-FIT terry sweatband, contrast sandwich piping on bill, and quick-adjust closure. Center front embroidered Swoosh design trademark. Construction:
  • Body/bill: 100% polyester (100% recycled) taffeta.

  • Mesh panels: Dri-FIT 100% polyester circular knit mesh.

  • Sweatband: Dri-FIT 90% polyester/10% spandex terry.

  • I usually HATE to wear hats or things on my head, but I figured it was better than getting rain in my eyes. I cant wait to test it out. Plus, it was 50% off at Nordstrom! I was able to get this little gem for $12 instead of $20!

    Needless to say, I was grumpy this morning because I didn't get a run in for 3 days. That is just way too long! I decided to skip sitting at my cube for lunch and run instead:

    Running near the Space Needle

    Seattle, it doesn't rain ALL the time :)

     Beautiful Puget Sound

    Yep, that's SUN on my face!

    I was tired through the run, but boy do I feel great afterwards! 5.8 miles is just what I needed. I will definitely try to get more runs in halfway through the day (if there is time). I was surprised to see how many people were out there at the same time. I saw quite a few Seattle Half Marathon shirts :)

    I also realized how much I love Seattle. It was a balmy 57 degrees when I was out there! The sun actually felt warm, and I even noticed a few trees had buds on them. This has been such a mild winter...great for running! I love the snow, but the dry and 50 degree or more weather has been AWESOME. Apparently January 2010 was 7 degrees warmer than normal...we set a record! You also cant beat the views while running.

    I might have to go for round 2 tonight!!


    1. Wasn't it gorgeous today? I love getting a workout in at lunch, too. Running in Renton/Kent is not the same as running downtown, though!

    2. Great pics! And you will LOVE the hat, I promise!

    3. That looks like my regular running route too! My company is just steps from the Elliott Bay trail. May be I'll bump into you some day!

    4. First off, love that hat! I almost always run with a hat or visor. And the Dri-FIT ones are my favorite!

      So jealous of the weather. We have gotten nothing but snow here for the last 2 weeks and more is coming today! Boo!

    5. Love the pictures! They are gorgeous :-) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    6. jealous! i used to run during lunch all the time last winter when i was in the office. (now i'm out at the jobsite and that's just not an option... no where nearby to run and they won't let me run around the site even if i offer to wear my steel toed boots and hardhat) :) not sure running in steel toes would be a good idea anyway, ya know?