Friday, February 26, 2010

Bloggy help?

After being in the blog world for almost 2 months now, I have visited quite a few of your pages. I noticed that my background and layout are seriously lacking. Any suggestions on good websites for free blogger templates? My last green/blue pattern was free and I edited some of the code, but I am SERIOUSLY a beginner. Please send suggestions if you have any! I might even pay to have it done if I cant figure it out (I like the designs from this blog).

While visiting other blogs, I came across a design blog that linked to this page. When I saw this print I immediately thought of running:

I have to say that in the past few months, I have done just that. Im actually doing what I love, and really enjoying myself. Running has gone from a chore to something that I look forward to. I also love this little blogging community I've found online. I never knew this was here a few months ago, and I's so glad I found you guys! **Okay, enough with the sappy stuff!

I read a post from Kerrie over at Mom vs Marathon yesterday where she mentioned that a co-worker called her a runner (congrats!!). Since viewing her post, I had 2 people mention running to me as well. One was while I was walking through work catching up with another employee. I haven't seen him for awhile, and asked me how my running was going. I must have looked a bit confused, because then he mentioned that all he sees me post on Facebook are the many races I have signed up for, and my long runs on the weekends. He called me a "marathoner" but I quickly said I was only a "half marathoner." He said I was crazy for running that much but I just beamed.

The other time was last night. A friend stopped by while I was running on the dreadmill. I haven't seen him in a few months, but he quickly asked what I had been doing BESIDES running lately. He also said that I was running a ton of miles. Honestly, I don't think they know how happy that made me. I was always somewhat athletic growing up, but I was never acknowledged for any sports achievement. I was pretty proud :)

Has anyone called YOU a runner lately??

Last nights workout: 5 miles on the dreadmill @ 8.57/mile pace. Its getting easier!! :) TGIF!!


  1. My coworkers always call me the runner. It is kind of fun :-) They always come up to me to tell me how far they went and how far they are coming on their journey. I hope that you have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I have only been blogging one month longer than you and I am not a computer I have nothing for you in terms of what to do with your blog:(

    My daughter calls me a runner all of the time and I love it:) When she talks about me to her friends she always says, "My mom is a runner and she is always running!" My co-workers call me a runner too!! I love is the biggest compliment:) Good job on your run and cheers to getting faster!! Happy Friday!!

  3. Doesn't it just make you feel proud? :) Congrats! And thanks for the bloggy love!

  4. My students called me a runner :) It was cute. They also told me that I would kick the gym teachers butt in running, but little do they know that he ran in college

  5. I use cutest blog on the blog for my and a lot of choices. I was at a doctor's appt and he refered to me as an "athlete"...I still smile when I think of it.

  6. TGIF! The Cutest blog on the Block has some great templates. I LOVE LOVE being called a runner..

  7. Good luck with the blog makeover...I also use cutest blog on the block, I have also used they have some cute free ones too. It is amazing the stuff people can create, I cannot imagine being able to figure out all the codes.

  8. i just googled "free blog templates" to find mine... there are a few good websites out there with fun templates. good luck with the makeover, you'll figure it out i'm sure :) (we all start somewhere!)