Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Recap

Whoa, where did the time go?! I had a fun, busy weekend and had no time to blog! Here is a long recap of the past few days/runs:

2/18: 6 miles, 9:10/mile pace
2/19: 4 miles (dreadmill), 9:31/mile pace
2/20: 9.5 miles, 9:29/mile pace

This weeks total miles: 29 (wahoo!)

Thursday, Feb. 18th:

I wore extra layers for my 6 miler (including my new reversible Under Armour shirt, review to come!). I really didn't need the extra layers, as it was warmer than I expected (around 50 degrees). It was a clear and beautiful night. I ended up running the 6 miles in just over a 9:00 mile pace, and it didn't feel too fast. In fact, I felt like I could have gone a bit faster. I held back running additional miles as I didn't want to injure myself after the 9.5 miler last Monday. Great run though!
 I guess I like to do this same pose in every picture!

Friday, Feb. 19th:

Ahh, I feel like I'm starting to come down with a cold! Usually when I am working out on a normal schedule, I don't get sick. Hopefully this will not turn into anything and go away in a day or so. Head colds are just annoying **crosses fingers to make it go away!**

I ran a quick 4 miles at lunch on my treadmill. The first 2 miles went great at a 8:56/mile pace. Then, right after the 2 mile mark I felt dizzy and had to slow down to 10:00/mile pace. I figured this was okay to go slower, but then I was hit with a HORRIBLE sidearm! I don't think I have had one in the past year and a half! I didn't eat anything in the previous few hours leading up to the run, so I had no idea what was going on! I actually had to stop the treadmill and wait it out for a few minutes. Typically, I never EVER stop, so this was really not normal. I was able to continue at a 10:00/mile pace but it wasn't a good run. Ill blame it on the head cold! At least I got a run in....

Saturday, Feb. 20th:

Another beautiful day! I still wasn't feeling well, but I put my running shoes on and headed out for another 9.5 mile run through the city. It was so sunny and nice that I really didn't notice that I didn't have much energy and a raging head cold/headache. I somehow made a 9:31/mile pace for the entire run, which was better than I expected.

 Sunny skyline

 View from the Seattle Waterfront

There was also a great view of Mt. Rainier and the Olympics today. Us Washingtonians say that the "mountain is out" when it is visible from the city. Unfortunately, my iPhone doesn't really take great pictures of things in the distance, or I would post it here. 

On a side note, I went with some friends to the Ride the Ducks tour around Seattle. If you are not familiar with the Ducks, it is a land and water tour of Seattle in a vehicle that drives right into the water and floats around!  I always thought it was pretty cheesy, but it was more fun than I expected. Its a great tour to see the sights and for people who are not from the area/I could check out new routes to run on.

On the Duck in Lake Union, with our "quackers"

Sunday, Feb. 21st:

I took the day off today since I had a long run yesterday and already went past my weekly mileage goal (I hit 29 miles this week, yeah!!) I still am not feeling well, but I wanted to get out in the sun - so I took Chloe out for a walk in the park:

Chloe in her dog-bone fleece

 I really need a tan...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. 29 miles... you GO girl! Chloe is so cute.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Good job on your workout week!! You ran much more than me:) I love the pictures that you always post in your blog:) Seattle is beautiful!! I hope that you have a great week Sarah....keep smiling:)

  3. great job on mileage this week! awesome pictures!

  4. Great job on the mileage!! I love all the pictures! I hope that you feel better!

  5. Hey Sarah! Great job on the weekend runs! Sooo envious of your weather!

    That duck tour sounds so fun! I'll have to check it out when I'm in Seattle for RnR!

  6. Great miles! And we have a "Duck Adventures" tour in Austin. So fun!

  7. Sweet mileage, Sarah! It was a great weekend!

  8. nice week of mileage! consistency and solid runs - that's all that matters :) i love waterfront pics. thanks for letting me live vicariously ;)