Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunny Stadium Run

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day in Seattle (in fact, today is too). Since I had the day off, I decided to go for a long run through the city (start up Flock of Seagulls playing "and I ran soo far awaaaaay). I ended up running 9.5 miles in just over 92 minutes (9:35/mile pace)!! Since running in the city can be a challenge, I had to add a few extra miles to my normal run through the park. 

Sunny PNW

Near the Aquarium

I decided to extend my run and go past our sports stadiums (Sounders FC, Seahawks and Mariners). I think I am having sports withdrawals with this being the off season for the sports I love to watch. I think I was subconsciously drawn to here:

Safeco Field

Mmmm.....hefeweizen. I'm getting distracted.....

Qwest Stadium

Sounder "Scarf" with all the Inaugural Season ticket holders names (I'm on there!!)

"Pigskin" Pig

Too bad I didn't get a tan from my run in the sun.....

It ended up being a beautiful long run. Next time I will hope for a possible Sounder or Seahawk sighting. (Side note: I did see a Sounder player at dinner last week! So exciting to see athletes out and about!!) I might run into something if I actually saw a player out there. That would be embarrassing!!

Also, I am proud to say that I seem to be injury free from my long run!! I actually feel great today, with no pain in my hips or anywhere! Last fall while training for the Seattle Half, I ramped up my miles too quickly and injured my hip after running just over 9 miles. So far, so good! I cant wait to go further next week!!

Also, thanks to TMB @ Racing with Babes for sending me the Sunshine Award! It was nice to get it on an actual sunny day in the Pacific Northwest! Ill pass it along to a few of you, but you might have already received it. Just consider it a little more "sun" for your day:

Shut Up and Run @ 26.2 or More
Maureen @ Mo Sho Runs

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for the sunny award. I really could use the sunshine about now! And great 9.5 miler thru the streets of Seattle. Are you running the Rock 'n Roll in June?

  2. YaY! Thanks for the award!!! Sunshine is always welcome! Especially around here!

    Great job with your run today! Seattle is a no joke place to run!! Awesome job! how were those hills?

  3. Yes, I signed up for the Seattle RNR last week! Im only running the half, but Im really excited!!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    You are so sweet! Thank you so much the the sunshine award, I appreciate!!

    Seattle looks beautiful this time of year. I am just a tad bit jealous of your nice weather! I just keep telling myself that Spring is on its way!! I hope that you have an awesome Tuesday!!

  5. thanks for the award!
    hey if you're ever looking for mariners tickets in the summer, my parents have 4 season tickets. since we're gone alot in the summer they sell the good games and give away the tickets to the crappy ones. just a thought.

  6. I sent it back!!! Thanks : ) you made my day!

  7. Great pics! You have so many interesting places to see! I live in a small town...lots of nature though. :)

  8. Thank you for the award. Love the places you run.. If you have any desire to come to Orting on a Saturday morning email me.. :) Lots of people on the trail...

  9. thank you for the sun!! maybe it will bring 'good luck' and the sun will actually come out today. at present, it's snowing. go figure. :) glad the 9+ went well and was pain-free!!

  10. I found your blog through Julies. Seattle seems like it would be a great place to run!

  11. Great pics! Thanks for the "sun"!