Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

Phew, what a weekend! My Little Bro was down for the weekend to celebrate his birthday. Lucky for me, this meant that I had a running buddy for the weekend! I was able to take him out a twice for some scenic runs.

Friday: 6.2 miles in 54 minutes 
Saturday: 4 miles in 40 minutes
Sunday: off, but signed up for a race (see below)

Here is a picture montage from the weekend:

Alki Beach at night with the Bro

Octopus sculpture along Alki

 Bro and I after the 6 mile run

 Pike Place Market (yes, we ran through here)

 I like this picture better though :)

Near the end of the 4 mile run 
 Of course, coffee at Top Pot when we finished

Overall, both of the runs were nice and easy. It was incredibly warm AGAIN on Friday night, so it didn't matter that it was after dark that we ran. I also happen to like the octopus sculpture along the way. There are bits of glass embedded into the cement around it as well. Anything with glass is my kind of art! :)

Saturday was a nice easy run through Downtown. It was a slower run due to traffic lights, crazy cars and insane amounts of people in Pike Place Market. I happen to LOVE the market, so people just had to deal with Bro and I running through. I would have stopped to take a picture, but the crowds were too much, and the pic above came out better anyways.

Sidenote: Wow, my pictures turned out REALLY bad this weekend! Blurry, dark...I might have to start bringing my real camera and not my iPhone! Haha. There goes my aspirations to be a photographer!!! Haha

I also signed up for the:

 Valentine's Day Love Em Or Leave Em 5k this Saturday at Greenlake!!

The event starts at 9:30 am on Saturday, February 15th and the $30 fee includes a t-shirt and timing chip. They had a higher than normal number of entrants, so make sure you sign up early if you want a t-shirt. You can also pick up your race packets early to avoid lines here. Even though this is a little 5k, I'm still signing up to get a t-shirt. I'm hoping it has a big cheesy heart on it that I can wear :)

Apparently this is supposed to be the largest Valentine's Dash in the US. I have no idea what this really means (largest number of people signed up for a 5k??) but it should be fun. The course is also on the outer loop road along Greenlake, and not the inner path. This will make things run MUCH smoother and not create a pileup of runners!


I just cant wait to get out there and race again. I haven't been in one since the Jingle Bell 5k last December. Its been too long!!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Thank God for little bros who can run with their big sisters!! I looks like you had a great run!! Awesome pictures...I have been to Pike Place Market:) I am also running this weekend if my hip cooperates but my race is a half marathon!! Good luck to you!!

  2. That is awesome that you and your brother run together!! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. Love the pics! The Pike Place sign is awesome. Have fun on Saturday!!

  4. Wow sounds like a BLAST! Maybe I will think about that race in the future. So nice to have a running buddy..

  5. Um...HOW did you run through Pike Place? That's crazy! Have fun at the 5K!