Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Eight is GREAT

I didn't make it to the treadmill last night, but I decided to run a long one last night. I don't think Mondays are my day...I just get too tired to do anything. However Tuesdays seem to be the best night for me to do my long runs. Last night was just one of those nights!

I headed out and ended up running 8 miles in 75 minutes, or 9:23/mile. I felt great, and I even felt like I could have run faster. It was pretty cold tonight compared to the last few weeks, but I really shouldn't be complaining......38 degrees isn't that cold! Luckily I wore my new Women's Tornado II Mock by Under Armour. It kept me really, REALLY warm:

After receiving some helpful advice from Zoe on Under Armour Heatgear vs Coldgear, I decided to check out Coldgear. Im usually pretty warm while running, and I have used Heatgear all winter and during the Seattle Half last November. The Coldgear is a bit thicker and seems to keep in the warmth, yet stays dry (not sure about the rain though). The mock neck isnt my first choice, but it doesnt seem to move while I run or bother my neck.

Yes, Im a dork
Since the Under Armour gear is supposed to be compression gear, I went with a large, so it fits more like a loose fitting shirt. I think it would drive me CRAZY if it was super tight. This way, its rather loose....probably undermines keeping the heat in, but Ill just have to deal. I mean, I run in spandex leggings, but I dont want spandex on top too!! Too much....also, this was the only size left, and it was 60% off at Island Sports on Bainbridge Island. Instead of the normal retail price of $60, I walked away with it for $26.......works for me!!

Along the run tonight I saw a huge, long shooting star right above the Seattle skyline. Being in the city, I hadn't realized it was that clear tonight due to all the bright lights. I thought there was actually a cloud cover (although, this makes sense on why it was so cold). I would have taken a picture, but I'm not fast enough and it wouldnt have turned out. This picture I found here will have to do:

I was able to snap this beauty....a salmon sculpture covered in lights. What can I say, I'm attracted to things that are bright and colorful :)


Yes, those are salmon and the blue is supposed to be water or something. I guess it makes sense......although you cant see it at night :)
Hope everyone had a great run!


  1. I love that you found the UA for $26. What a steal. Can't run here yet, but I know the snow will melt a way enough for me to run, soon.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Wow, great job on your eight miler!! That is a cute running shirt! And, you do not look like a dork:) Awesome pictures of Seattle and I love the shooting star!! I hope that you have a great day Sarah!!

  3. Your pic is great! Shooting stars are the best. When I was a kid my Dad use to tell me they were people from heaven trying to say hello. I always thought that was cute. I love the bright lights against the night as well!! Love night pics.

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments gals!!


  5. nice job on the 8 miles! i'm kind of in a mock-neck mode lately. for running gear of course... i'm not wearing old school turtlenecks in real life or anything :) i guess it makes me feel like more of me is covered in these cold temps, like 12* this morning. brr. 38 would probably make me break out the bathing suit at this point! lol.