Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Month Review: January 2010

Wow, I cannot believe it, I have been officially blogging about running for 1 month! Not only that, but I realized that it also is the end of the first month of the year. I thought it might be time for a little recap of January, and my first month blogging!

January 2010:
       Total Miles: 85.3
       Running Time: 13:43:02
       Average Pace: 9:38/mile
       Yearly Total: 85.3 miles

       Blog Posts: 19

Not only have I had an awesome injury free month of running, but I realized that without trying I am on my way to 1000+ miles for 2010! Yay! I had not planned on any specific mileage goal, but I decided that I might as well shoot for this to keep my running up all year long.

This month has really been amazing. I have always loved running, but it had been more of a sporadic hobby in the 10 years. After being inspired by Zoe (thank you!!) to start a blog, I have now realized how much I really love this sport. Not only am I REALLY excited to run everyday, but this little blogging community and you guys who have posted comments have really kept me going (you all are awesome!!). And I have learned a TON about running already. I think I'm officially addicted! Running is now on my mind 24/7! **Okay, enough with the sappy stuff....

Also, I'm sooo excited.....I just signed up for the Rock 'N" Roll Seattle Half Marathon on June 26, 2010!


I received an email from active.com and if you use the promo code Nirvana2010 you receive an extra $10 off your registration fee (expires Feb15th). That means if you sign up before February 15th and use the code your fee is only $75! The price jumps to $85 February 16-28th, then goes up to $100 on March 1st until it fills up. Make sure you register early to get the good discount! Races are expensive, y'all!!

I am sure most of you have already heard of this race and the discount code, but I thought I would post it anyways. It was the RNR inaugural race in Seattle last June, but the series has been in many other cities for years. The price includes a tech t-shirt, goodie bag, and timing chip. Unlike other races, the RNR has bands playing at each mile marker to pump you up along the way. The race fee also allows you access to the race expo the day before, plus the concert after the races with additional bands playing (bands TBA). For more information, go here.

Ahh, I cant wait! This will mean 2 half marathons before July! :) Woo hoo! Busy right now, but hopefully I can get a run in tonight.....fiscal year end work is never fun!

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  1. YES!!! So excited for the RnR! And I'm so glad you found the running blog community...it's fantastic. :)

    So, when are we running together? ;)

  2. How exciting!!! Two half marathons before July, I can't wait to hear how this goes :-) You are a busy girl!

  3. Awesome January! And you are right, this whole bloggy running community is the best!

  4. You had a great month! Congrats on one month in bloggy land!

  5. Great job in January!! 11 more months of injury free runnin' to 1000 miles!

  6. congrats on a solid first month of running & blogging :) woo hoo about rnr! (the only thing i don't like about rnr races is how pricey they are; they seem to be twice as much as other races :-/)