Friday, January 15, 2010

Many the Miles

I had an ephiphany today: I was a horrible beginning runner last year! Yes, I put in the miles and had dedication and decent results, but without the training plan (see last post) and a place to keep logging my miles, I was doomed for something bad to happen or not progress over time. I need to keep counting my miles ASAP!

What is the best way to do this? After speaking to a few runners and looking online, I found that people either use a website to log their miles, or count them in a home journal or excel sheet. After backlogging as many runs as I could remember from last year that I happened to write down, I have a feeling that using an online site would be best for me. Now the question is, which one?

Here are a few options that I have seen:

DailyMile is a website which you can easily enter your workouts. You can choose between running, swimming, biking, fitness or any other workout you choose. There are options for route, distance, time, how difficult the workout was, and how you felt while doing it. There are advanced dropdown menus where you can add further statistics such as if it was a race (placement, gender,etc) weather, temperature, etc. The website also easily counts your miles per week, month, year and since you started. This can sync with Nike + and some other systems, but not Garmin.

Screencap of DailyMile found here

The interface is VERY easy to use and intuitive. Plus, it has bright colors and looks pretty. I hate to say it, but it reminds me of Facebook! It has a status like appearance for your past runs, but at least it is easy to use. Not sure on the technical abilities of all the functions though.

RunningAhead is a similar wesbite that has all of the information above, but a less appealing interface. While you can still add your type of workout, route, distance, time, difficulty etc, it has the race calculations, weather and other metrics on each form up front, which looks more crowded. This website has TONS of calculations and you can easily view your workouts on a month view, which is nice to calculate your weekly totals. It also records your PRs in races, and has extra charts to view your progress. The only downside is that it is not as easy to use as DailyMile, but I believe in time it will become easier to navigate. Downside right now is that it doesnt have an option for a cross training workout or elliptical. You have to choose "run, bike or swim." Granted I dont consider it in my mileage, but it is a workout I keep track of. However, it is compatible with Garmin products.

RunningAhead screencap found here

Out of the two websites (I signed up for both to check them out) I believe I will stick with Running Ahead. It might not look as pretty, but I plan on owning and using a Garmin Forerunner in the future, and I would like a website that will load my workout for me. Also, it has a handy feature that shows my mileage on my blog (look to the right!)

What do you all use? Is there something better out there that I am missing? I would love some input!

Also, Jill found an excellent Half Marathon Training Guide. It has multiple training schedules depending on your experience as a runner/how many miles you run per week. Thanks Jill :)

Have a great weekend! Im off to go run a few miles.....


  1. I'm a fan of DailyMile and have used it for several months now. I know that the developers are currently working on syncing the Garmin with the site, so that should be in the near future. Plus, it's great to keep track of "Challenges" that you are involved in for the year. And, of course, it's pretty. :)

  2. I LOVE Runningahead, especially because it doesn't have a predefined list of other workouts like other sites. Rather, I can create as many workouts and workout types as I like, and only workouts that I care about. Just click on the Settings tab and then manage my activities.

  3. Just joined DAily mile. I love the widget that I posted on my Blog so others can see my input on the site. Very cool!

    I also keep a spreadsheet, I am anal..

  4. I've been hearing a lot about daily mile. I use an on line tool through runners world. I like it because it tracks the miles you put on your shoes, too. Since I have several pairs going at once, I need to keep track so I know when to replace them.

    Cute blog, by the way!

  5. Thanks for the input everyone! I will probably keep using both until I see which one suits my needs. I LOVE the widget that you can put into the blogs!

    Also, thanks Denise, that is a great idea for tracking mileage on running shoes! :)

  6. The race sold out a few months before the race last year. The price goes up in Med February, so if you want to run it you should sign up before then. I googled "Rock N Roll coupon codes" and there is a sight that gives codes that may work for $10 off. I plan to register this week. I have to check one more box first.

    Have a great day!

  7. Hey!! When I ran the Ultra last year, it took me 10 hours and 4 minutes to do 51.2 miles. That's including pit stops but no rests. You really need to go slow with these events or you'll never last.

  8. I use the old fashioned calendar to record my miles (then convert to excel) so these mileage sites are new to me. I think simplicity is best with these sites, I tried to use a workout calendar through RunnersWorld and it kept emailing me everyday which was annoying. Dailymile seems more simple to use, might have to give it a try!

  9. I just use a regular old excel spreadsheet. I love it. I make a new tab for each training season and that way I can easily go back and see what I was doing on say week 5 of training for each marathon :)

  10. I have a planner and I write all of my runs in it. Very low tech, but it has never failed me! I'm excited to see what you like, I may be convinced to update my method.