Monday, January 11, 2010

REGISTERED : Mercer Island Half Marathon!

Exciting news....I signed up for the Mercer Island Half Marathon! The half marathon will be held on March 21st and the event series also includes a 10k and a 5k as well. I am so excited for my second half marathon!!

This event includes a technical t-shirt and will be chip timed. The race is $60 from now until March 19th, then the fee can go up to $70. This race does not have the same killer hills as the Seattle Half, but it does seem to have more hills with a higher elevation gain. It should also be much less crowded, as this event is expected to bring in around 4,000 runners, while the Seattle Half had over 12,000.

I'm SUPER excited! This time I will plan out my training in advance. **Crosses fingers for no further injuries!!** Now off to errands and run!!

Benefits: Colon cancer prevention, Swedish Cancer Institute


  1. Nice work. Now all that's left is the easy! You will do great, it sounds like a fun race and hopefully some cool views of the Lake. I hope to join you if I can get rid of this runner's knee! if not, i'll do the 10k and watch you sprint to the finish...

  2. Hope you can join me! Im sure you knee will be healed by then. It would be great to get a group to run! :)

  3. Right on, Sarah!! I'll be running it too! We'll have to meet up, and I can introduce you to some other awesome running ladies/bloggers. :)

  4. Wow there are a bunch of local blogging runners who will be running Mercer!! Zoe linked me to your page. I am Mel, nice to meet you and hope to see you soon :)