Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend runs

Whew, what a weekend! Busy, busy but a lot of fun. Get ready for a photo collage!! 

Friday night I was able to sneak in a quick 4 miles on the dreadmill before heading out:

Today, I decided to finally go on a long run. I have been planning on doing my long run on Sundays, but it hasnt been in the cards for the past few weeks. I finally got my butt in gear and headed out to Alki.


The run started off fine, but I soon realized that having even a few drinks the night before just might hinder your running performance. I decided to keep running, but I to go at a slightly slower pace. There were also a TON of walkers out on the boardwalk. It was a little frustrating to try to dodge each person, their stroller and dog leash. Don't they realize that people are training for running on that stretch of road?!?! :)

On the boardwalk along Alki Beach, there are small metal plates and star constellations embedded into the cement. While running along, I happened to find my sign, Pisces. The constellation was above it, but I couldn't fit it into my picture without stopping for awhile.

 I'm a Pisces too!

About halfway into the run, I decided to take a quick stretching break, and I really didn't have much energy. I realized that I was at the point of Alki, so I took a *little* detour on a trail and found the beach.

 Standing on the bulkhead over the waves

Alki Beach Lighthouse

View of Seattle from the lighthouse

I probably wasn't supposed to stand there, but the house was abandoned. Awesome little beach right there, and a perfect spot to see the lighthouse! A lovely surprise on my little break. I ended up running back and even thought it felt like I was running SUPER slowly, it was still under 9:45/mile pace for 7 miles. Not too bad for not really wanting to run today at all!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and looong runs!! I'm off to watch the Grammys! :)


  1. WOW! What a gorgeous view for your runs!

  2. You were at Constellation Park along Beach Drive--it's a beautiful spot!

  3. sometimes those post-night out runs aren't exactly the best feeling :) but i think it helps to 'sweat out' the booze! love the pics!