Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obviously nuts....

Yesterday I was only planning on running a few miles on the dreadmill, since I had plans for later in the night. I walked down to my apartment gym (and by "gym" I mean 1 treadmill, 2 elliptical machines and 1 bike with a few weight machines...not that great) and noticed that there was another girl on the elliptical that was right next to the treadmill. The gym is so small that it is awkward to workout with someone in the room with you, let alone RIGHT next to you. I wanted to get my run finished, so I started right away.

After about 20 minutes of running and sweating side by side, the girl motioned for my attention. I usually zone out while running, so I eventually noticed when she was flailing her arms at me. I shut off my iPhone (I was listening to the radio, of course) and while looking confused said:

"Hi, did you want to use this elliptical machine? Ive can get off since I have been here for awhile..."

I told her thanks, but that I WANTED to run on the treadmill. She have me another look like I was absolutely nuts, shrugged, then started slowly moving on the elliptical again.

I realized a few things at that point:
  1. I had actually said out loud that I WANTED to be running on the dreadmill! (Okay, I guess I should say that I wanted to run in general, and the treadmill was my only option, but Ill take however it came out!!)
  2. The girl obviously thought I was crazy for running that long on the treadmill. Since there was other machines available, she was thinking I was just waiting to use her machine. SHE WAS WRONG.
Needless to say I was pleased. I ended up running the next few minutes at a faster pace :) Even though I only went 4 miles, she obviously thought it was a lot of time to be running (when really, this was a short run!) Haha.

Decent time for 4 miles

I went down to Nordstrom and they just received a new stock of Asics Gel-Kinsei 3s! (Kinsei 3s are in the store and not available online YET). I spoke with the salesperson and he said that they DID carry the Kinsei-2s, but stopped carrying them in 2008. This is the first time they have had them since! Ill take this as random is it that I start looking for that exact shoe and they start carrying them again?? FATE!

Kinsei 3 version at Nordy' it!

So, if anyone is wondering out there, I would LOVE a pair of 9.5 women's model, with the B width :) Thanks! I kid.....sort of.....Ill add it to my wish list.

Also, be sure to check out Zoe's blog Run, Zoe, Run and check out her handbag giveaway! So exciting!! :) I absolutely LOVE handbags, and these are pretty cute. Be sure to enter!

Happy running!


  1. Great job on the 4 miles... that is a great pace :-)

  2. Thanks for following on my blog! Love the shoes.

  3. nice job on the treadmill run! some days i *want* to run on the treadmill vs outside and i wonder what is wrong with me too :) lol.

    thanks for following my blog!