Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Run a mile in my shoes....

After coming back from a weekend on the island, I came home and noticed that I somehow forgot my running shoes! I kept the shoes outside after my hill run, because they were soaking from the rain and puddles. I wanted to run on Monday, so I decided it was time to break out my new pair of Asics Gel Kayano 15's that I bought a month ago (and by "new" I mean not used, I bought these on sale awhile back and I know they are the older version!!):

New Asics Gel Kayano 15's

Excited to try out the new pair, I started on the Dreadmill at a 9:30 mile pace. Within the first half mile,  I noticed that my right foot was starting to tingle. By the end of the first mile, it was COMPLETELY NUMB! Although it was not the best idea, I kept running for the full 4 miles I intended. Afterwards, I realize that this was a STUPID idea, and I could have twisted an ankle. Luckily I was able to regain blood flow to my foot after stopping the run.

Good news is that the numb foot kept my mind off the boring dreadmill. I don't think I will use this as a way to keep myself occupied next time.

A few hours later I was craving another mile, so I went back downstairs to run another. During the mile I kept increasing the speed and ended up at a 8:17 mile! Not that this is incredibly fast, but it is the fastest mile that I have recorded! I will have to actually run a mile to see what I can really do. Even though my foot was numb again, I'll take the starting PR!

New PR, on the Dreadmill!

I have NO idea why this pair of shoes is not working for me. I have had many pairs of Asics Kayanos, and they have all been excellent pairs of shoes. I am thinking that this pair must be mis-sized, or I somehow bought the wrong width. I am thinking that both the width AND the size are incorrect. I have a narrow 9-9.5 sized foot (big feet, I know) but this pair looks TINY on my feet (it is supposedly a size 9 2AA shoe). Usually I would like my feet looking small, but running shoes need to fit!

Needless to say, I had to take Tuesday and tonight off running because I didn't want to hurt myself. GRR! Tonight I thankfully got my old pair of Kayano's back. Due to the problems with the new blue pair, I am thinking about training for the Mercer Half with this old pair, then finding a new pair to start training with after that race.

Old vs New Kayano, does the blue look smaller?

Tread-wear on the shoes

Even though I have put many miles into the pair, I am very nervous about injuring myself with a new pair of shoes on the longer runs in the next few days of training. I really have not noticed any problems with the older (pink dirty) shoes, so I am hoping they will last. Is this a horrible idea? One of my friends who was training for the Seattle Half last November injured herself just 2 weeks before the race because she switched shoes. I dont want to take my chances again! Plus, those shoes are pretty dirty and I keep running in the rain....I would hate to trash a brand new pair!

2 days of running are getting to me.....I cant wait to run tomorrow!


  1. I think the blue shoes do look a little smaller. I hated that tingly feeling before I got my new shoes. Way to go on the PR on the mile :-)

  2. I love my Kayano 15's in Blue, but I have wide feet. Maybe you can loosen the lacing.

    FYI the Kayano 16's which are supposed to be an upgrade are HEAVY and not cushy at all.

  3. Hmmm, the blue ones do look smaller (those are my current "old" shoes)...are the red ones the 14s?

    Personally I think new shoes SUCK at first. But then after some break-in time they are always better. But that's crazy about the foot tingling. :( Can you compare the blues to another pair in a store?

  4. New shoes shouldn't need a break in period so it is strange that you feel that way about the shoes. Check the toungue on both and see if they match up the same way in width and length. Mostly, be careful you never want to end up hurting yourself!

  5. Ouch! I had to take my new Sauconys back to Road Runner. Came home with New Balance (which is what I had before, but a different model). So far, so good.

    And, yeah, I think that blue shoe looks a little smaller, but the old ones could've stretched out some over time.

    My toes go numb if the laces are too tight, but I've never had a whole foot go!