Thursday, January 14, 2010

OFFICIAL training schedule

I was looking at a few articles on and and I realized that I didn't have a training plan for the Mercer Half on March 21st. Even though we are still about 8 weeks out, and I can easily run 6 miles without trying, I still need to have a schedule.

I don't know how I did it, but I didn't have a training plan while running for the Seattle Half in November. I talked to people and knew to slowly ramp up my miles per week, but I didn't even write my daily runs in a log. I started in July and was running roughly 5 times per week averaging 3-5 miles per run. By September, I ran my first 10k race (Iron Girl 10k) and began building my miles after that. One week I decided to go from running 6 miles as my longest distance to a 7.5 mile run, then a 9 mile run a few days later. Needless to say, I was injured my piriformis muscle quickly, and was out for 5 weeks prior to the race. Even though I was able to finish the Seattle Half, it was incredibly frustrating and stressful leading up to the race. I cant even imagine how I could have improved my time if I had actually run MORE THAN 3 TIMES IN THE 5 WEEKS LEADING UP TO THE RACE. I'm not even kidding....I knew running was mental, but there is so much more to this. But this will have to be another post...back to the training! :)

I viewed a few of the training schedules, and most consisted of a longer run on the weekends, tempo or interval speed training one day, and a few shorter runs throughout the week. Also noted was the 2 days of REST per week, usually following the longer distance run. Since I do most of my running outside (except for the few occasions on the DREADmill) and I do not have a gym membership, I found that most of the training programs for beginning/intermediate runners included 4x400 interval speed training on the track, which would be difficult on the roads I run (although I could improvise by sprinting blocks in Downtown Seattle....hmmm, maybe not!) I then made up this basic schedule for the half:

 Super high-tech photo of my chart

And yes, I did put a logo on it for inspiration :)

I figure running between 20-30 miles per week is enough training for the half, right? Since I injured myself so easily by overusing the piriformis muscle, I figure that the mileage is only miles I run, and not time spent on the elliptical machine. By the way, running and elliptical are NOT the same, but at least it is some cardio.

Does anyone else have a plan for running a half, or do you just run?

After making my beautiful color coded chart, I ran 6 miles in the wind. I literally thought I might be blown off the sidewalk! Even though I was running into the wind, I somehow managed a 9:20 minute pace per mile. Not bad for not trying to run fast, I thought it would have been more like 11 minutes per mile! Woo hoo!


  1. Did you go with the training plan from Active or from Runnerworld, or was it your own hybrid plan?? Looks solid!

  2. Check out the running plans from

    David and I had incredible success with their schedule.

  3. I made a hybrid plan from both websites. I actually looked at multiple plans then made that one.

    Thanks Jill - that chart is awesome!! Ill have to send it to Casey as well!

  4. Looks like a pretty solid plan, Sarah!

  5. It really does look like a great running plan! I have a Half this Sunday and I pretty much did the same thing, combined a few different plans and tailored them to my schedule.
    Happy training!!

  6. Looks great to me! Love the colors and logo..

  7. Looks good to me!! I am using the Furman First training because I like that I only run 3 days a week :-) Good luck on your training!