Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Updates and Research

Ive been bad....I haven't run the past 2 nights; I think the holiday craziness finally caught up with me, and I'm exhausted. I have been spending my time updating the blog and adding information from past races, etc. Even though I just started the blog, I wanted to back date races so I could easily find the links, my stats and pictures. After several people have viewed this blog, I decided to mix it up a bit and attempt to change the background/layout. Most of this is fairly easy for a newbie blogger like myself, but I wanted something more than what they have to offer. I found this current layout here, but decided to tweak the HTML so the columns would line up the way I wanted them to. I have to say, its not as easy as it looks! Granted I have NEVER worked with code before, but it is definitely an acquired knowledge! I wish that I had taken classes in college about this, it seems pretty handy now! I have to say that I am rather satisfied with my tweaking of the code :)

I have also noticed that other running blogs have gadgets on the sides that keep track of their daily runs, YTD totals, pace per mile, etc. Considering I have been running for a few months and only tracking it randomly on my calendar, I thought adding the miles to a blog was a great way to do it. Not only are the other bloggers doing this, but they are using GPS devices to log the miles for them. What a BRILLIANT idea!

After doing a few hours of research, it seems that there are two main ways to log your miles electronically, through the Garmin Forerunner products, or the Nike + line. While the Nike + line ($19-29 for the sensor) is currently cheaper than the Garmin Products ($149-399) you need to have an iPod Nano or current model of iPhone to use this. It seems that this can be a good way to log miles (when you plug the iPod/iPhone into your PC, it uploads your workouts for you and keeps track. The downside is that the pedometer is not very reliable and you have to input what your pace per mile is....meaning if you tell the Nike + that you will run a 9 minute mile, and you end up running a 10 minute mile, your mileage and pace will be off. I don't know about you, but that isn't for me!

From learning that in the reviews, I would much rather prefer the Garmin Forerunner series:

 While larger and somewhat bulky, the Forerunner series all keeps track of your mileage, pace and distance through GPS satellites. You can also keep track of certain routes, elevation and calories burned per workout. All information can be uploaded (wireless or not) to their website. The 205 and 305 all have positive reviews for ease of use and accuracy, but some complaints about the larger size. The 405 can do all of the above with the addition of a heart monitor, but the software seems to have a few bugs (not to mention it is $299!). The only issue is that if you run on the treadmill (DREADmill) you will need to buy a food pod to count your miles. **Not sure if you can add miles to the Garmin website if you ran on a treadmill, this might be the only way to upload them.

Though models can vary in specifications and size, I think the Garmin 305 ($199) is officially on my wish list! Granted I have not used any of these products before, but they seem amazing, and that many user reviews cannot be wrong! I cant imagine running off my normal routes and literally "without borders." I am so used to running, keeping track of my time, then coming home to use the Google Pedometer to peg the route I took. This would be so much easier....

Yep, the Forerunner is on my wish list...

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  1. I absolutely love love LOVE my Garmin 305. It is a "mini brick" but it doesn't feel like anything when I wear it (and I have small wrists). Plus, it's very accurate and easy to upload stats to the computer. Mine is named Gus, and you'll find that a lot of people name theirs! :) I hope you get one soon.