Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting it off right

Happy New Years! After having a little too much fun and staying up waaay to late, I took the day off from running. Since I had run the past 3 days, I thought that was okay to do (and I didn't want to injure myself by running too much again). I did accomplish one thing though, I signed up for the Henry Weinhard's St. Patrick's Day Dash

Sunday, March 14
3.8 Miles

Even thought this is a few months away, I thought it would keep me motivated and running in the meantime. I have wanted to do this run in the past, since the route used to go through Belltown (this year it goes on 99 and back) but it always falls the weekend or day before my birthday, which is March 15th. This year I plan on hopefully having people celebrate by running with me! Also, they serve green beer at the end of the race, which I think is excelent motivation for the run :)

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